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India ready to do whatever it can to further global good, says Modi

From Malladi Rama Rao in New Delhi
New Delhi, 13 July (

Saying that post-pandemic global revival will have India playing a leading role, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told a virtual conference of 5,000 business leaders from 30 nations that that is offering new investment opportunities by ‘performing, reforming, and transforming’ its economic landscape even as it is fighting the pandemic with all its might.

The webinar, the India Global Week 2020, is a three-day event in the United Kingdom. It seeks to put focus on India’s role and place in a post-Covid world order on all fronts, including economy.

Organized by India Inc Group, which has been working to promote India- British business ties, the virtual conference with the theme ‘Be the Revival: India and a Better New World’ features 250 global speakers across 75 sessions.

“With an increased focus on people's health, we are equally focussed on the health of the economy. When India talks of revival it is revival with care, revival with compassion, revival which is sustainable - both for the environment and the economy”, Prime Minister Modi told the gathering through a video link from New Delhi and said sustainable development is a part of Indian ethos. “We in India belong to the culture where Mother Nature is worshipped by everyone. It is believed in India that the Earth is our Mother and we are her children”.

Making oblique references to the latest American visa restrictions that have hit many Indian IT professionals, Prime Minister Modi said India is a power-house of talent that is eager to contribute, ever ready to learn. There is two-way synergy that is greatly beneficial.

“It is natural to link global revival and India and two factors are contributing immensely in this revival; one is Indian talent and the other is India’s ability to reform and rejuvenate. World over, you have seen the contribution of India’s talent-force. This includes Indian professionals, doctors, nurses, bankers, lawyers, scientists, professors, our hard-working labourers. Who can forget the Indian tech industry and tech professionals? They have been showing the way for decades. India is a power-house of talent, that is eager to contribute, ever ready to learn. There is two-way synergy that is greatly beneficial”, said Modi.

In his address the Indian Prime Minister spoke at length on how his government was fighting “a strong battle” against the global pandemic. He listed the major strides India has made under his rule in the areas of financial inclusion, housing and infrastructure construction, ease of doing business and tax reforms. And invited global companies to invest in India’s agriculture, Defence, Space and Pharma sectors besides the small and medium industries, remarking that “very few countries offer the kind of opportunities India provides today”.

Jaishankar Speak

India’s foreign minister S Jaishankar told the webinar about his reading of the emerging scenario. He said that a post-Covid world could pose several challenges including questions on “resilient supply chains”.

“I see a world where arguments will sharpen. I think there will be issues of trust which have been raised. There will be questions on resilient supply chains. It is going to be a more difficult world,” he said.

Touching upon the new global dynamics in the works, the seasoned diplomat opined that several trends seen before Covid 19 outbreak could become even stronger in the post-Covid world.

“A lot of trends that we saw before coronavirus, they could accelerate in the post Covid world. Even in response, in six months, for example, we have seen a lot of countries behaving more nationalistically,” he remarked.

- Asian Tribune-

India ready to do whatever it can to further global good, says Modi
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