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Wanted lands in MP Police net

By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features

Gangster Vikas Dubey, who had ambushed and killed eight members of UP police last week has finally ended his run. He was picked up in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. How he managed to reach the temple town by dodging the police of three states remains a sudoku as of now.

The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has discovered in Dubey saga an issue that could be used advantageously during the forthcoming assembly by-polls in about two dozen constituencies. This round of ballot follows the resignations of Jyotiraditya Scindia-loyalist MLAs who (along with Scindia) had joined the BJP and thus brought the curtains down on Kamalnath led Congress government. Many of them have since become ministers and need to be reelected on BJP symbol to retain their position. They cannot take their re-election for granted.

Chouhan boasted about the ‘bravery’ of his state police in capturing Dubey when no act of police bravery was in evidence at least on the TV bytes from Ujjain. He provided a cue to many others in the BJP to make similar claims even when their swagger was countered with reports that Dubey had actually ‘surrendered’.

‘Arrest’ and ‘surrender’ are two different things. but the truth is still wrapped in mystery. It is possible that Dubey decided on ‘surrender’ out of fear that the trail of publicity and public outcry might tempt the UP police to use its favourite method (‘encounter’) and eliminate him to save embarrassment to a lot of influential people.

A guard at the Mahakal temple gave an account of events before Dubey was nabbed. In his statement recorded on the social media, guard Lakhan Yadav said Dubey arrived at the temple around 7 a.m.; he purchased a Rs 250 (VIP) ticket for the Darshan at about 9 a.m. Dubey has been a regular visitor to the Ujjain temple.

The police were alerted and a team arrived soon afterwards. Dubey remained unruffled as he loudly announced his name and identity before the police handcuffed him.

Dubey has been operating in UP without much fear of the law enforcement agencies for over two decades; he, had reached Ujjain after traversing through much of UP, a part of Haryana and several districts of Madhya Pradesh. It is certain that after he and his men had ‘encountered’ a UP police team in Kanpur on July 3, killing eight policemen, Dubey had been constantly moving.

He was almost certainly travelling with some companions who provided him transport and protection to travel a distance of well over 1000 Km. He was spotted near Delhi at a hotel in Faridabad in Haryana—a distance of some 400 Km from Kanpur. From there he must have entered UP again before crossing over to Madhya Pradesh and then travelled another 700 to 800 Km through four - five districts to reach Ujjain.

Strange he could move across UP (twice), Haryana and Madhya Pradesh but nowhere was he intercepted. The laxity of the police would strengthen the suspicion that Dubey enjoyed political protection. It is already established that he has a mole in UP police; he was able to massacre eight policemen and foil attempts to nab him because he was tipped off in advance by his police mole.

Dubey’s political connections are no secret. He has been reportedly patronized by the previous Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party rulers when these parties were in power in Lucknow. But for the last few years, he was able to build a nexus with not only influential politicians but also police.

It is said that nearly 60 criminal cases have been registered against him. He had allegedly killed a junior BJP minister. But he did not have to ever cool his heels in jail long because either he was acquitted or was granted bail. He was freed of the charge of killing the minister after the prosecution witnesses, turned hostile.

Criminals like Dubey expose the claims of the UP-chief minister that he has ended the ‘Mafia Raj’ in the state and restored law and order.

Lawlessness in UP will be rampant as long as the nexus between criminals and politicians thrives. ‘Mafia’ groups are often formed on caste lines but their clout comes from their ties with people in power. Their utility is most evident at the time of elections when they can rig support with their gun power.

The Dubey saga, particularly the killing of eight policemen out for his arrest highlights another unsavoury aspect of lawlessness in UP. The gangsters have moles in the police whose warning in advance protects them from police action.

How deep is the penetration of the gangsters in UP police came to the fore when reports appeared of links of several police officers and jawans to Dubey. It has also come to light that none of the dubious police officers had apparently suffered on any account.

Dubey will certainly speak to the UP police during his interrogation. What remains to be seen is the information that comes out in the public domain and, more importantly, what action is taken against erring policemen—and Dubey’s political patrons.

- Asian Tribune -

Wanted lands in MP Police net
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