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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 73

Steps have been taken to safeguard the public of this country

By Manjari Peiris
Colombo, 30 May, (

Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi stated that no room would be allowed for the COVID 19 to spread in the country as a result of Sri Lankans returning from overseas who are infected with the virus.

"Steps have been taken to safeguard the public of this country." she said addressing a media briefing held at the National Operation Centre for the Prevention of COVID 19.

The Minister further explained that stringent measures have been taken at the airport and from the time of their arrival, these Sri Lankans returning to the country from overseas are taken to quarantine centres abiding by all health recommendations.

Even at the quarantine centres they are under strict isolation and even when they are identified with the virus, the health authorities transport them to hospitals with great care, taking all possible preventative measures without exposing anyone else to the virus.

The Minister assured that the government has taken all possible measures to prevent the virus from spreading to the rest of the country. The minister also said that in order to maintain good relations with other countries, the Sri Lanka Government is duty-bound to bring back all Sri Lankans stranded in other countries without valid visas and are facing dire difficulties.

Minister Wanniarachchi added that as a responsible government, they would not hesitate to respond to the appeals of these Sri Lankans stranded in other countries and bring them back, even if they are infected with the COVID 19.

She thanked the people of this country for rendering the government their fullest cooperation in facilitating the expatriation of these stranded fellow Sri Lankans.

Stay Safe, Stay at Home, Stay Informed, But Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands.

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Steps have been taken to safeguard the public of this country
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