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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 76

Government decision is welcome

By S.H.Moulana

We have seen frequent interruption to traffic on important roads in capital Colombo due to protest march on various issues by politicians and trade union leaders but very rarely or never we see the GMOA now in action these days for reason not known.

According to observers they say it was purely due to their opposition for the previous health minister and his various proposals but not anymore.

In the meantime, one wonders; why this location change from the traditional Hyde Park and Galle Face to Fort Railway Station, public road and Lipton Circus, for political meetings and present-day protests.

The immediate guess comes to one’s mind is that the two new locations cum the public road are chosen due to the ability to provide instant ready-made, unrelated, crowd back-up for the camera. As we all know Fort Railway Station is one of the busiest places in the city. We always see passengers either rushing in or rushing out of this place.

There are those who are rushing to their work places and others returning home after a hard day’s work. Similarly, Lipton Circus has a different type of crowd which flocks around the nearby General Hospital either for consultation or to visit patients and those returning after their visits. However, here too it provides a ready-made crowd back-up for the camera, for the proposed meetings or protests.

In fact, Fort Railway Station and Lipton Circus have been serving these political parties as mere face savers to hide their weakness to muster enough crowds.

In the good old days, when we were blessed with enough of highly talented legendary speakers like: NM, Colvin, Pieter, Bernard, Robert, Leslie and Vivien, a spacious Galle Face or Hyde Park was found to be inadequate to accommodate the large crowds came to listen to them.

I am not ashamed to admit, during my youth, I was one of them who was enjoying their fiery speeches with full of substance and in juicy Sinhala language.

What a treat it was to listen to them then. Every one of them had his or her own-style of presentation of speech. We are really sad that we have none of that caliber now, to match those giants of the past.

Now the readers will definitely understand why Fort Railway Station, public road and Lipton Circus have come to be substituted for Hyde Park and Galle Face.

To put an end to this interruption to normal life in Colombo, sensibly, the government has decided to allocate a specific place to do their protests.

We believe this will reduce the protests due to many of them haven’t got the power to muster large crowd. We hope the government will take drastic action on those who do their protest demonstration in places other than this allocated place.

- Asian Tribune -

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