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Tracing Terror online -Part I

By Glen Jenevy in London

When the Terrorist attacks happened on Easter Sunday by radical Islamic terrorists NTJ the President called on his security services. The call went out on international TV. The country’s security service both domestic and foreign sprang into action.

Even retired members of the old disbanded N.I.B.S. which is now called the S.I.S. came to work. Sri Lankan intelligence services serve the ruling party in power, but also serves the past presidents’ political party, but not allowed to be political as it affects the truthfulness of intelligence reports.

In a major breakthrough in the war on cyber and terror Sri Lankan intelligence services with counter parts have completely destroyed Islamic State’s secret communications on encrypted apps.

On the day President Trump announced the death of the son of Bin Laden, the British born writer Glen Jenvey, exclusive to the 'Asian Tribune', disclosed the game was up for AL-Qaeda and Islamic State’s use of secret encrypted apps .

Ex N.I.B.S. Officer a British expert in both terrorism and cyber terrorism, bought a domain name, unpopulated in any search engines and message boards. He installed free web stats, placed a link of the brand-new domain name into closed groups of Islamic State and al-Qaeda terrorists propaganda sites.

I'm an expert in international terrorism and worked with some of the world’s best intelligence services like the during the run up to the world cup football, monitoring users of radical Islamic terrorist propaganda web sites.

Buying the Russian military attaches a domain name as a Christmas present -the same as the real one- who later announced the claim for the shooting of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey.

-Continued -

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Glen Jenevy
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