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Today - The Colombo YMBA to address the Business Community

Colombo, 06 September, (

The Colombo YMBA, the premier and the largest Buddhist institution in the country will address the business community on 6th September at 5pm at the BMICH on “the Current situation in the country and the way forward”.
Colombo YMBA started a movement styled “Independent National Movement” under the theme “ One Voice, A Secure Country “ in order to educate the public about the need to unite communities to face the current challenges facing the country under a four point national agenda.

Mr Mahendra Jayasekera, The General Secretary of The Colombo YMBA and Mr Javeed Yusuf of the Sri Lanka Islamic Centre will speak at this event.

Since its launch the Movement addressed over 100 affiliated YMBAs, public servants, university students and the general public in a series of seminars across the country.

It also addressed the Colombo Diplomatic community about the movement as well as its work program in order the give the outside world the message that majority population in the country love to build harmonious relations among all communities.
This movement is already holding discussions with Muslim and Tamil organizations about the need as well as the possibility of uniting all communities towards the common goal of developing the country under a four-point agenda where all will live together in peace and harmony.

We have made a lot of progress in our work and we get a lot support for what we do.

“We are talking about the need to put the interest of the country before anything else. We see today people are talking about making political parties and their candidates win and nobody is talking about what is happening to the country and its people” Mr Jayasekera said.

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Today - The Colombo YMBA to address the Business Community
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