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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 111

A place where religions coexist beautifully

By S.H.Moulana

I remember showing my sincere admiration for India’s Kerala state in an article captioned ‘Kerala a role model for all!’ Asian Tribune (25 March 2013)

Now again my thoughts are with this lovable place where religions coexist beautifully.

Back in the summer of 2015, the heart of a Hindu man was transported across Kerala for a Christian patient in dire need of a new one. Funds were raised by a Muslim business man to pay for the operation performed by the state’s top cardiac surgeon; a Christian. An Indian Navy helicopter and an ambulance both dispatched by Kerala’s Chief Minister sped the heart from Thiruvanthapuram to Kochi. The entire state plus India celebrated the news as the story unfolded in the media. Kerala is home for just over 33 million people 56.2 % of whom are Hindus, 24.7% are Muslims and 10% are Christians.

Over centuries, people from many different communities and cultures travelled through and lived in Kerala – Jewish and Christian migrants, Arab merchants, European traders and colonizers. The city of Kochi has India’s oldest active synagogue and oldest European church both from the sixteenth century.

Kerala is a symbol of religious coexistence – not simply tolerance- in a world that is struggling with new strains of virulent intolerance and violence.

Once again, we call -as we did in year 2013- rest of the Indian states as well as the neighboring sovereign countries to take Kerala as a role model for religious coexistence and to live in peace and harmony.

- Asian Tribune -

A place where religions coexist beautifully
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