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State of affairs in Paradise Island

By Tassie Seneviratne

To the vast majority in Paradise Island, it is the worst of times. To the governing coterie, it is the best of times.

There is an Executive President with a skull so numb that nothing of intelligence penetrates it. So, he simply nods. There is a Prime Minister with a fair face and a coterie of thieves who have baptized him as ‘Mr. Clean’. They have truly cleaned up the public coffers to the tune of billions.

The President has taken under himself the Ministries of Defence and, Law and Order. The country’s defence is so weak that the ISIS selected it as a soft target, and we experienced the Easter Sunday mayhem. There is no Law and Order to talk of. – Daring burglaries by armed gangs, highway robberies, snatch thieving, and rape of school girls, are the order of the day. Internecine political warfare is so rife that ordinary civilians are not safe on the roads from cross fire and mistaken identity.

Unemployment and cost-of-living are sky rocketing. The people are fed up of all existing political parties and the prevailing system of elections. The shout to the government in one loud voice is, “For God’s sake, go.” But the government is deaf and blind to the people’s voices and hardships, and remain dumb. The people just look up and curse. If curses can kill, they would have died a million times. Like bullet-proof vehicles bought with public money, they appear to have acquired curse-proof elements from Donald Trump of the US.

The President and Prime Minister being at loggerheads over political opportunism, has led to the state of affairs in the country being as bad as it is. While the President says he was not aware of the intelligence reports re the Easter Sunday bombings, the Prime Minister (PM) says he was kept out of Security Council meetings. Without asserting his authority as the PM, he appears to be happy to remain blissfully ignorant, and use his ignorance as an excuse for his non-performance. The fair minded Chief of National Security, Sisira Mendis, however, has put it all in perspective, and exposed the bizarre situation. The country was saved from a further, and worse calamity of a racial war, by the intervention of the good Cardinal and all religious leaders who rose to the occasion.

If I may put the dreams of 99.9 % of the people of Paradise Island into words, it would read thus:

Lives there no man so patriotic To save our motherland From the pestilent body politic,
That has turned manna to gall.
By Terminating them all.

- Asian Tribune -

   State of affairs in Paradise Island
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