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MR Off Course On Trump

By Priyantha Hettige

It always alarms me when our leaders misunderstand something as important as basic economics and technology. That tells its own story. On the subject of US President Trump, the rise of the almighty Dollar and his economic policies that have brought such an economic transformation to the US economy, first it should be said that he has some really top-notch economists at his elbow. They speak common-sense about the US economy.

It is time to get things back to order and balance, and unshackle the power of the people. This explains his miracle. It is clear now that socialist ‘populism’ offers no practical way ahead as a means of organizing humanity with all its demands.

What are his economic objectives? - it is summed up in three words – Jobs , Jobs, Jobs! If more people have wages - they spend – sending the whole economy ballooning. President Trump wants to get the nation back to work and Make America Great Again (MAGA*). It is certainly not about tariffs, as MR claims – but about fair trade, reciprocal trade deals and getting Americans back to work again.

The key to this is de-regulation – i.e.., removing all the bureaucratic restrictions placed on people which frustrate them but also to pass new, better laws that liberate them and their desire to work and achieve. Yes, it does mean exploiting US natural resources, and increased pollution in order to do so, but a dash for growth to get back to economic life again and hopefully, repair the environmental damage later – and re-think what regulations are really necessary.

A world super-power, which also agrees to protect its friends around the world, needs to design, build and operate the most advanced military weapons and equipment of all shapes and sizes. Trump has initiated a ‘Space Force’ to protect all its satellites, telescopes and observatories studying the heavens and not least, our treacherous star, the Sun.

Much metallurgical high-tech knowhow and experience has been gained as the US. produces its high-tech equipment. America has enormous knowledge about making and using many types of industrial metals and materials: they are high tech manufactured marvels for its various advanced industries – machines, robots, spacecraft, telescopes and weapons. As a superpower, it cannot rely on imported high quality metals or materials of the range and quality actually needed by US manufacturers.

In fact, Trump said that some of the construction steel being imported for building and construction was substandard rubbish. They were importing poor quality steel! This is a real threat to a superpower whose strength is based on high technology. As a consequence, Trump has re-started America’s aluminum industry and also its steel-making furnaces as part of his ‘Make America Great Again’ promise. To fire steel furnaces up they need good quality coal. America is blessed with deposits of high-quality, low sulphur content, anthracite coal – ideal for steelmaking.

The US keeps its know-how alive by employing TECHNOLOGISTS in many branches of technology and industry thereby giving high status employment. But also, President Trump has brought back jobs in all categories!

Beautiful clean coal really means high tech burning and combustion control in order to limit emissions damage from coal. The return of activity in coal mines and iron ore mines is accompanied by jobs in the transport industry! Some 20% of US electricity is generated from coal. This does bring air pollution unless used in one of the newer, cleaner plants which requires both high technology and educated TECHNOLOGISTS to operate the plant with its advanced cleaning systems. Elsewhere, nuclear generation based on Uranium, (Pressurized Water Reactors) will be phased out due to many adverse reasons, chiefly: cost of raw materials, inefficiency and toxic waste products. Later, with all this advanced knowledge they can turn to clean, cheap, efficient energy from Thorium and the huge benefits that brings – again, bringing a TECHNOLOGICAL (jobs) requirement!

He has spent deficit dollars to promote growth but the country has a horrendous US total national debt of 21 Trillion dollars with a “T”. But with wages up, the overall US tax income is up – and then he has the opportunity for damage limitation: good finance is all about confidence, trust and credibility – notably and severely lacking here. And President Trump has written a book: “The Art of the Deal.” That book explains all: his policies and odd behavior – he is always posturing, but really he is negotiating his way through life.

Sri Lankans are at a tremendous disadvantage when it comes to learning from others because of their dislike of reading. They must overcome the “boring” barrier, quietly READ and learn! Other do it – so, why not Sri Lankans?
(He organizes MAGA rallies where he speaks, most entertainingly about his successes and failures, and the opposition to his decisions by the Dimms! Go to TRUMP TV on YouTube. Hear his entertaining English SPEECHES! It’s good fun!)

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MR Off Course On Trump
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