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India-Pakistan Relations Will Improve Under Modi and Khan - A Prediction

By M.K. Damodaran - Kerala

The India- Pak relation will be much warmer under Narendra Modi and Amir Khan on to the strong influence of their numbers.

Narendra Modi was born on Sep17,1950 while Imran Khan was born on Oct 5, 1952.

Birth number of Modi is 8 (1+7=8). He is the 8th non – congress P.M Demonetisation decision was taken on the 8th. The BJP-supported JD (U) candidate obtained 125 votes (1+2+5=8) and won the post of Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

Occult number of Imran Khan is 26 (2+6=8). His electoral victory is 26 years after his team won the cricket world cup in 1992.

Earlier, his party got 35 seats (3+5=8). In the recent, election the party obtained 116 seats ( 1+1+6=8)

Birth number of Khan is 5. Fate number is 23 (2+3=5). Same birth and fate number gives him a strong personality.

• Fate number of Modi is 32(3+2=5)
• Occult number of Narendra Modi is 41(4+1=5)
• Sun sign of Modi is Virgo owned by planet Mercury. This is represented by number 5.
• Numbers 3,6, and 9 are significant for Modi by Virtue of his Moon Sign Scorpio. These numbers are important for BJP by virtue of birth date (6) Sun Sign(Aries)and Moon Sign Scorpio.

These numbers are prominent for Khan by virtue of Sun Sign and Moon Sign (Libra and Aries respectively).

Now we have to turn to the past. The relation between the 2 countries was much warmer when Morarji became PM in 1977. He lost power in July 78. Within the brief period his govt could improve the India- Pak relation.

After some years Morarji was conferred with the highest national honour of Pakistan, which no other Indian PM got.

Major credit goes to Vajpayee, then foreign Minister.

It is interesting to note that Jinnah, Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif were born on Dec 25(2+5=7) Occult number of Pakistan is 25. The P.T.I was formed on April 25 of 1996. The recent election was on July 25.

Numbers 2&7 are mutually lucky. The recent election was the 11th (1+1=2). Khan is 65 years (6+5=11,1+1=2). He is to take charge on the 11th.

Birth number of Morarji was 2.

India- Pakistan relation was good when Vajpayee was PM in the 2nd term. Then Sharif was Pakistan PM.

Vajpayee undertook the famous Lahore Trip.

But the Kargil War shattered the friendship. So, when Vajpayee become PM in the 3rd term Sharif was dethroned by the Military.

As per numerology, Khan is much stronger than Sharif. Same is the case with Modi and Vajpayee respectively.

So, Modi and Khan can do their best to herald a new era in India- Pak relation.

Significantly the BJP and P.T.I have numerological friendship.

This writer is a 65- year old retired government servant, doing research in numerology since 1989 (as an amateur numerologist).

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1) Electoral victory of Vajpayee in 1999 (The New India Express)

2) Victory of George W.Bush in 2000. (The New India Express)
3)Narendra Modi ‘s 2nd time victory in the Gujrat Assembly election (Blog)

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9) Prediction made about Velupillai Prabhakaran, under the headline “VELUPILLI PRABHAKARAN A HERO OR A BIG ZERO?” Published in the Sri Lankan online daily ASIAN TRIBUNE on August 15, 2007 was only partially correct.

The prediction published in the Asian Tribune under the headline “Hillary- the 44th U.S President ‘’ was a total failure.

My Significant blog site is” “ Co. Uk”.

However, I have not written anything and Predicted nothing since 2013 due to certain eye- problems.

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India-Pakistan Relations Will Improve Under Modi and Khan - A Prediction
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