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7th July Incident, the fore runner of the Current 2008 Nargis Constitution

By Kanbawza Win

After more than half a century few people would recollect what happened on that fateful day of July 7th, 1962, where the embryo of the current illegal 2008 Nargis Current Constitution of Burma was laid, proclaiming that power comes out of the gun and laid the foundations of civil war, with the motto of “the monarch of all I survey,” by the Burmese Army(Tatmadaw), I was just a young freshmen, mixing with the senor students demonstrating within the Rangoon University compound, when there was a burst of gun fire and the entire history of the Union of Burma was changed forever.

The next day, the Rangoon University Student’s Union (RUSU) becomes like this, a heap of rubbles, and with the RUSU, our hopes and the dream of the genuine Federal Union of Democratic Burma, which our forefathers led by Aung San founded at the 1stPanglong Conference of 1947 was gone forever and today his only daughter Aung San Suu Kyi is endeavoring to solve the jigsaw puzzles wrecked by the ever marauding Tatmadaw.

How come, this “the monarch of all I survey” attitude takes root and is still prevailing in Burma? It was designed and meticulously executed by a bunch of xenophobic, ultra nationalist (known as Mahar Myanmar) led by former dictator Ne Win, of a Sino-Myanmar origin. This is but one of the reasons of why Tatmadaw has to accept China as its Stepfather (known as Pauk Phaw in Burmese). In the recent ethnic cleansing of half a million Rohingya nobody dared to take it to the UN Security Council knowing full well that Pauk Phaw will vetoed it.

Like any third world countries, Burma experimented with democracy but was weak and like the Weimer Republic gave an opening to the dictator. It was the Rangoon University Students who dared to defy the dictator and this 7th July massacre was to serve as a lesson to the remaining subjects, that the Tatmadaw who are in the General’s pocket means business. The Tatmadaw imposed its Burmese Way to Socialism, taking the country from one of the best in Southeast Asia, to the least developed status (LDC) in the world.

After a quarter century to be exact on 8-8-88, the people of Burma decided enough is enough, and rose en masse, which the Tatmadaw responded by killing some 4,000 people in six major cites of Burma and after some power struggle among themselves, a new dictator Than Shwe became supreme who construed that economic is theraison d’être of the peoples’ uprising imposed Burmese Way to Capitalism now prevailing as Crony Capitalism. But the sullen, bull dog faced Than Shwe foresaw that Burma might experience Ceausescu-style uprising in the wake of the Arab Spring as the Tatmadaw was fatigued with its damaged pride and embarrassment in falling far behind its neighbours coupled with the pariah status in brutally repressing the students, workers and the entire people of Burma, including the Buddhist monks was beyond redemption and knew that he could no longer rely on the guns.

A rapprochement with the West was made and taking more than a decade carefully crafted the Nargis Constitution of 2008 giving a semblance of democracy but in reality retaining power with the first fake elections and was able to install the quasi military administration of Thein Sein. The Western world bite the bait, rushing in as “the last frontier” while the cream of the resistance students leaders that played a crucial part in the 8888 revolution known as Harvard Mafia (because they are educated in Harvard University) betrayed the revolution and their counterparts and joined the chorus. Only after another 27 years of harsh military rule this current 2008 Nargis Constitution was cemented and dictator Than Shwe allowed the Lady to participate in the 2015 elections. She was cajoled to accept the principle of two governments with the portfolio of Foreign Minister, cum Chancellor unwittingly acquiescing to honour the philosophy of “the monarch of all I survey.”

The think tank targeted the entire education system especially those of higher education only to produce robots like students and instead encouraged the military academies to produce more serpentine brood all these years, as they are desirous to cement the Myanmarnization Policy of the country knowing that they had inherited that all non-Myanmar ethnic nationalities (Shan, Chin, Kachin, Karen, Karenni, Arakanese and Mon) from the British who are desirous of a Democratic, Federal Union based on unity in diversity in building a nation state. Hence, to implement this Myanmarnization Policy, it targeted the brains of the country, the Rangoon University for “What Rangoon University thinks of today Burma will think of tomorrow.” The latest demonstration was Rohingya Case proving that Niccolò Machiavelli theory of “the end justified the means”was true.

This is how the Union of Burma became Myanmar. Up to this day the 2nd Panglong Conference was a failure and if ever she has a chance of success Mahar Myanmar Tatmadaw will mechanized her demise and liked her father will have to make a supreme sacrifice. If the international community especially the Western World stay mute, the world will be witnessing another three decades of ethnic cleansing and of civil war as the Tatmadaw is aiming to set up the world record of a century of civil war (currently 70 years since its inception in 1948 to date) as dictatorial regimes like China and Russia will either ignore or encourage by selling arms. With President Trump’s success of concordat with North Korea, the Tatmadaw is now laughing in their sleeves as they can openly acquire nuclear weapons with the North Korean help which they have been clandestinely implementing and experimenting all these years at Naung Laing mountains in the north of Burma and perfecting its biological weapons which they often experimented on the Karen and other ethnic nationalities

If the world were to become a better place, the civilized western nations must resolutely pursue its justice at The Hague and implement its punitive actions on the Tatmadaw, as this is the only language they understands. In spite 7 decades of ethnic cleansing against the more numerous non-Myanmar ethnic nationalities, the international community has taken no action so far on this ruthless, crafty, cruel, cunning, treacherous and evil Tatmadaw who is spear heading the Myanmar imperialism over the non Myanmar ethnic nationalities. With 1.2 million refugees originating from Burma and tens of thousands more uprooted inside the country, Burma is the source of the fourth-largest population of displaced people worldwide said a new report by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR). Even now, if the UN secretary-general's special envoy Christine Schraner Burgener have not acted as a peacemaker between the Tatmadaw and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, there would have being another military coup taking back to the pre 8888 days where the Tatmadaw retain its xenophobic Monarch of all survey to take the country.

With these prevailing condition it is high time to force this vehemently hated Tatmadaw to accept the civilized norms. The first step is to compel them to release the exact figure of the students killed on that fateful day and declared the 2008 Nargis Constitution null and void in order to successfully implement the genuine 2ndPanglong Conference for the Union of Burma to sit among the civilized nations. Only the Western countries led by the US and EU can implement this as totalitarian regimes of the world will continue to encourage the totalitarian Tatmadaw.

- Asian Tribune -

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