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House pays tribute to late Alavi Moulana

By Seyed Moulana

The Sri Lanka Parliament met in a special session yesterday, on the 6th of April 2018, to pay tribute to late Alavi Moulana, who has served in many ministerial positions, as well as the Governor of Western Province.

While serving in diversified positions he never distanced himself from the service which was very close to his heart and that was his trade union leadership.

He did risk his life to serve the oppressed working class. Way back during his early days he was stabbed by some goons while on picketing in Colombo. Even his last assignment as Governor did not stop him in engaging himself in trade union work.

There won’t be a May day gathering without his presence and likewise a trade union protest at Lipton Circus without his leadership.

At the floor of the house, MP Vasudeva Nanayakara requested the Colombo Municipal Council to rename the Lipton Circus to commemorate the late Alavi Moulana and thus call it ‘Moulana Circus’.

There were not less than 20 speakers stood up to recall his exemplary life, including Ranil Wickramasinghe, Mahinda Rajapakse, Dinesh Goonewardena, Udaya Gamanpila, Seyed Ali Moulana and former speaker of the House Chamal Rajapakse.

None of the speakers failed to mention the extra ordinary humble and friendly life he led treating practically everyone alike.

If there is a politician who did not make anything out of the positions he held, he is none other than late Alavi Moulana.

Seeing Alavi Moulana so much involved in trade union activities while being the governor, the former president Mahinda Rajapakse used to call him ‘comrade governor’ in Sinhala ‘Andukara Sahodaraya’!

Alavi Moulana was very clever in joining rhyming words in his speech. The tradition for a governor to hold office is a maximum of two terms but in Moulana’s case he was given a third term by the president.

The witty late Moulana soon responded by saying ‘There is always an addition to the tradition.’ He is so talented in his quick and rhyming responses and this point was repeatedly mentioned by almost every speaker.

MP Udaya Gamanpila made a moving speech in which he mentioned about extremely close relation he maintained with late Moulana.

Finally speaker Karu Jayasuriya said that when he was the mayor of Colombo, late Moulana was the minister of local government and both had an excellent working relation and the city benefited.

(All these speeches could be seen on Youtube if you click parliament activities on the 6th of April)

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House pays tribute to late Alavi Moulana
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