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Is Kinder Chocolate more dangerous than gun?

By S.H.Moulana

Gun is not a musical instrument to entertain people but it is to kill any living thing and that is the only function it can perform.

The recent Florida school shooting by an old boy of the same school has taken 17 lives.

This is the 18th shooting incident in a US school for this year.

To fulfill his duty as the president of the US, Donald Trump, as usual, rushed to his computer to tweet this: “Prayers and condolences were with the families of the victims, No child, teacher or anyone else should feel unsafe in an American school.”

However, he did not say how he is going to make them safe.

I am sure if you ask the NRA – the rifle association it might call to arm the teachers to defend from any attacks in the future.

The US never hesitated to ban the Kinder Chocolate while the entire world is enjoying it. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) did ban this on the basis that the toys inside the eggs could be a choking hazard. The US administration never thought that gun will be a worse hazard!

In the meantime, Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, carries shocking news about the shooter, Nicolas Cruz.

It said that he trained with white supremacists and at least two teachers and two students among the dead were Jews.

White supremacists always wanted Florida to become a white ethno-state. If this news is confirmed, we do not know where the country is heading to.

The US society is driven by divisions and lead by sick politicians. The political elites have sold their souls to the likes of NRA – the rifle association, the backers of gun manufacturers, AIPAC- the Israeli lobby and many other groups that are responsible for influencing the political decision process for both home and abroad – like the recent Jerusalem issue.

This has had a hugely negative impact on the US.

The price for this being paid by young kids and the innocent, but the politicians will never pay the ultimate price.
When will the US become wise to introduce gun control and until then how many more schools will come under attack in the hands of these thrill seekers or lunatics?

Your guess is as good as mine!

-Asian Tribune -

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