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Cricketism: South Africa is too much for India!

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Apparently, India is unable to fix matches and force its “shining win” in South Africa.

After its “successful” handling of a fearful Sri Lanka in Indian towns, winning all formats with bogus new records created for batboys, like Kolhi, now India team is in South Africa and already lost the first test match against much stronger team of Africa.

As Africans were dominating and India was fast losing the pitch, rains were invoked to serve Indian cause but unfortunately this time that trick did not work in Imia’s favor. That ended the first test in a crash for India.

Bowlers had the upper hand in both teams but South Africa has the upper edge, resulting in the fall of Indian batboys one after another when India thought things are in their favor.

South Africa, unlike Sri Lanka, had a plan for India and it every player- both batboy and bowler.

That alone is not enough for winning the match.

South Africans played well against Indian bowling and bating.

India did not expect that.

South Africa is major supplier of terror goods for India to be used in Kashmir but apparently it does not mix economic with cricketism.

This is a rare occasion that rains came as per Indian demand but could not help Indian case. Generally when rains come to disturb the match, it is presumed that India would win the match in a rainy way.

However, this time around India bit the dust

One wonders if the match were held in India, would Indians let South Africa win like this. Would not the rains generated by the “concerned” let India easily win. Indian camera would focus on the crocodile tears of the fanatic Indians selected and readied for the show among the audiences.

Since the match series is taking place in South Africa and South Africans buy rickets and pay for Indian players, India cannot force South Africa to let India win by “understanding” the Indian pains to see their Bharatratana level batboys fall like waste match matches.

So, India could not force South Africa to let Indians shine as the January 26 is fast approaching for the government to announce and distribute highest national civilian awards and BCCI has already pushed its list of batboys for some of them.

But then India won’t just take the fall easily and has announced that next IP would be held in South Africa. So, you got the message from India for South Africa?

No? Or yes?

Cricket is worst form of gambling being promoted by the state as amny politicians also share the booty.

Meanwhile, let us wait and see how the second test would go in South Africa and who wins and how. Will Indian rhetoric gimmick of IPL 2019 in South Africa cut ice there?

- Asian Tribune –

Vernon Philander's six-wicket haul paved the way for South Africa

Vernon Philander's six-wicket haul paved the way for South Africa' victory
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