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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 110

Lalin’s Column: A medley of events, from injections to USAF roars - Lethal injections in the Wanni

By Major General (Retd.) Lalin Fernando

One NPC member Thurairajah Ravikaran has informed some busy bodies visiting the North that 107 rehabilitated LTTE cadres have died since their release. He thinks mischievously that lethal injections had been given to them while being rehabilitated by the Army. This has got the Army and the MOD all worked up. They need not have done so.

There were no post mortem reports to back this. No complaints were made when one, two, ten, twenty, then fifty and one hundred deaths if at all were reached, until ‘107’deaths were settled at. Ironically these were among 12,000 former LTTE cadres used to carrying cyanide capsules round their once expendable necks who underwent rehabilitation after the conflict ended. Could it be that of the 12,000 the 107 conjured by Ravikaran were specially selected for martyrdom by Velu’s ghost? Or did they ingest their hidden cyanide pills?

The CM NPC, doing nothing much except talking, jumped in to stir things up as usual. He is his own propaganda disaster. Apparently he asked the ready to interfere US Ambassador Keshap to investigate these deaths with the help of USAF doctors running a medical camp in Jaffna. Keshap had flown into Jaffna with the NP CM while the USAF was engaged in some charity work. Apparently he had said he would help but nothing happened. A NPC Opposition member said Keshap did nothing but make worthless promises.

However, one Wannirajah Borukaran says ‘yes’ to this allegation of the deaths of 107 cadres. He amplifies that “of the 107 dead, 57 were renamed Ravi and the remainder Wiggy. The cause of death has been given as ‘incurable insanity’. No such deaths have been reported anywhere else in the world, not even from Guantanamo or Abu Graib as Keshap surely knows. However 109 death certificates have been issued, 2 undated with no names. XXX

Beloved Mother Sri Lanka

A former BASL President in a gushing speech at the Law Asia Conference where he thought SL had resurrected Nelson Mandela, invited the foreign delegates to have an “enjoyable and memorable stay in my beloved Mother Sri Lanka” (as reported in the media).

For a man who sings praises to the high and mighty and is not averse to including himself obliquely in the honours list, claiming Sri Lanka as his Mother and for himself is a bit much. What price sycophancy?

‘Oney Gonek’

‘Oney Gonek’ (Any Bull ) who may have led SL at the Olympic shooting events but not in SL’s life and death struggle, has selected over 50 ‘okama gonnu' (all bulls) to work, not in the paddy fields, but on the main roads. A hefty Rs 100,000 a month in total emoluments for these ‘gonnu’ is going to be a costly payment for the ‘goma goda’ (Basic Sinhala = BS) they will produce.

‘Roaring’ US Aid for Jaffna

The well endowed US Ambassador Keshap has after some short jabs at moralizing, offered ‘roaring aid’ for Jaffna when talking to those who listened during a USAF house painting effort there.

His arrival in SL to replace Blake (was he a WASP -White Anglo Saxon Protestant?) followed intermittently by Ms Nisha Biswal and once by a friendly Singh, may be a coincidence and not another Indian invasion by other means. Flanking support by Indian HC Sinha makes some wary that a US India pincer movement may be taking place to pin down SL. Does it also show the USA is using Brown East Asian Hindus (BEAH pro BEAR) with a not subtle vengeance to out flank who ever the USA wants to in SL, if not in the North.

Is it just a coincidence that the USAF is the first foreign Air Force to follow the IAF (after nearly 30 years) to land in Jaffna? IAF transport aircraft with French built Mirage planes escorting them came from half starved India and dropped inedible ‘parippu’ on Jaffna in 1987. Invasion followed.

Do the USAF drones ‘roar’ too when they take out a lot of Muslims (two million) from Afghanistan to Syria through Iraq and Libya or is it ‘softly softly’ by stealth? Will the USA having threatened SL for two decades, invade too? Is India going to trap SL to join USA’s counter ISIS and anti-China provocations?

Poor old CM EP Ahmed Nazeer Zianulabdeen. He roared in Keshap's presence a while ago too but survived. Will he get Trumped? Or will it be Billy’s ninny?

What follows these ‘roars’ both in the North and East are what make the non Keshap, non Sinha and non Colombo 7 enclave SL citizens apprehensive.

What price taking all SL citizens for Americans, sorry, bloody idiots?

- Asian Tribune -

Lalin’s Column: A medley of events, from injections to USAF roars -   Lethal injections in the Wanni
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