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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 109

Sri Lanka: Two legged human species in Foreign Mail Parcel section relieve of valuables sent from abroad

Colombo, 30 December, ( Foreign Mail Parcels Office located in the Darley Road, in Fort, Colombo is a world by itself. There are two legged human cats and rats all over the place, relieving valuables and eatables such as candies, biscuits, cakes etc., in the parcels sent by relatives and friends from abroad to their loved ones in Sri Lanka - abominable species that carry on despicable acts of squalidness.

Whenever someone from abroad sends a parcel either by air or sea mail, it goes to Foreign Parcel section of the General Post Office, manned by the officers of the Department of Customs.

Once a parcel is received by the Foreign Parcel Section, they used to notify the recipient the arrival pf the parcel and to call over at the office to take delivery. The notification includes a tax declaration form for the recipient to perfect and hand over to the customs office at the parcel section.

Once the tax declaration form is handed over, a queue number is allocated and subsequently a custom officer would emerge with the parcel due to the recipient. The parcel is supposed to be opened up in front of the recipient for the physical verification of the contents.

Normally what happens is that parcels are tampered and valuables spirited away by the two legged cats and rats masquerading as officials handling those parcels in the section.

According to several complainants, the cats and rats in the parcel section used to cut to size or burn holes in the cardboard boxes of the parcel to such a size, so that they could force one hand inside the box and remove a portion of the contents to satisfy their greed and leave the balance for the recipients.

When the recipient of the parcels detects that the parcels is already tampered and something inside the parcel is removed and complaints to the officer handling the delivery of such parcel, they reply that some cat or mice in the parcels’ office has damaged the parcels and tampered with it.

No one is sure whether it is the two legged cats or rats involved in such acts of skullduggery.

Recipients of parcels show reluctance in making written complaints of parcel has been tampered and valuables missing. Once such a complaint is lodged after parcel is opened up, they are afraid that the said officer who handles the parcel would ask the complainant to call over to the office on another day for necessary inquiry and would also say to collect the parcel after the inquiry is over.

Such inquiries are not conducted then and there and statements of the complainants are not recorded immediately.

Many parcel recipients use to stomachs their emotions of losing their valuables and go away taking the parcels with remaining contents fuming with anger and blaming themselves for their inability expose the corrupt officers.

- Asian Tribune -

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