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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 104

LTTE declares names of 18 sea tigers killed in Delft sea battle

By - Jaya Rohana

Colombo, 29 December, ( Out of the 40 sea tigers that were reported killed in the sea battle South of Delft Island last Wednesday (26), LTTE have declared names of 18 sea tigers (including seven senior sea tiger cadres). Naval intelligence monitoring have intercepted the following 18 names which consists of 03 Lieutenant Colonels, 04 Majors, 01 Captain, 03 Lieutenants, 06 Second Lieutenants and a sea tiger (all self styled).

The names of those LTTE cadres who were killed are given below:

1. Albert Thangarasa alias Lieutenant Colonel Neelawan

2. Selvarasa Yasinda alias Lieutenant Colonel Kaleiarisi

3. Ahasim Jeyasugandahri alias Lieutenant Colonel Sankari

4. Major Thuyiyawan

5. Major Midimuhilan

6. Major Elawiran

7. Major Kavini Amudan

8. Captain Sakvini Inbu

9. Lieutenant Senthamularivu

10. Lieutenant Warnanindan

11. Lieutenant Agapulawan

12. Second Lieutenant Thamul Kottawan

13. Second Lieutenant Iseiyogan

14. Second Lieutenant Nediyan

15. Second Lieutenant Neduran

16. Second Lieutenant Chandan Ariyawan

17. Second Lieutenant Ilakkiyan

18. Sea tiger Navadini Madiruban

The sea battle which lasted for nearly 5 hours inflicted heavy damages on sea tiger fleet which consisted of 16 boats including few suicide boats. The Air Force too assisted the naval units during the battle which resulted in destroying 09 sea tiger armed craft and two suicide boats.

Officer In Command of P413, Lieutenant Commander Lalith Ekanayake who fought valiantly in the face of the enemy boats destroyed one suicide craft during an attack maneuver. As the Fast Attack Craft slowed down in speed, the second suicide boat exploded in the close proximity damaging P 413. Initial attempts made by naval units to tow the damaged naval craft failed and as a result of the damages the vessel sank. However the diving and salvage teams of the Navy launched an immediate operation to both rescue their men and to float the craft. Naval divers rescued two sailors who were floating along with the body of the Officer In Command. Continuous diving and salvage operations resulted in recovering bodies of two sailors. Nine sailors are still missing.

Search operations are still being conducted in the sea areas where the confrontation took place.

- Asian Tribune -

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