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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 109

LTTE frontman under French Police scrutiny

T.ChandrakumarT.ChandrakumarParis, 21 December, ( The French police closes in on a LTTE frontman in Paris who is posing as an independent businessman. The latest reports reveal that alleged LTTE benami a Sri Lankan Tamil businessman Thavavinayagam Chandrakumarm who owns several shops in La Chappel, popularly known as ‘Little Jaffna’ has come under police scanner in Paris, after revelations by the LTTE members who were arrested earlier and still held in custody.

The detained LTTErs spilled beans when the police confronted them with documentary evidence recovered from several LTTE front organisations including ORT (TRO) in Paris. The police investigations have put the other Tamil businessmen and traders who knowingly or unknowingly supported the Tamil Tigers in France in a quandary and an unenviable predicament.

Earlier on the April Fools Day French Police simultaneously raided the LTTE Office, Tamil Rehabilitation Office, Paris Mariamman Temple and the People’s shop and which led to arrest of 19 Members of the LTTE in France. Five of them were later released and still 14 of them are held in custody.

It is learnt that during the investigation arrested members have revealed information which led to the monitoring the activities of the LTTE members, supporters and Tamil businessmen. According to reports, French police have seized many valuable documents that would lead to the arrest of many leading Tiger supporters in France as well as in other European countries.

Recently French police raided Chandrakumar’s house ands his business premises simultaneously. After getting the wind of police sweep, Chandrakumar is trying to dispose his properties gradually. Under the French law a businessman can sell his property if he is not charged in courts.

French Police also digging into the past business activities of Chandrakumar and seized all documents found in his offices and in the house and carefully going through them to ascertain how he managed to obtain the capital required for owning business ventures. They are also looking into his dubious business practices such as purchase of business and closing them pleading bankruptcy.

He has already arranged the sale of the building located at 5 Rue Emile Zola, La Courneauve in Paris. This building was acquired by him in 1999 where the first Tamil Television station was started. He bought the building located at 5 Rue Emile Zola, La Courneauve for French Franc 2.5 million in 1999, to house the Tamil Radio and Television.

Later when the television station was taken over by the LTTE and renamed it as Tamil Television Network, (TTN), it was housed in the same building. It was not clear whether Chandrakumar received any rent from the Tigers who ran the TTN.

After Tigers vacated the building he has arranged the sale of the building to another LTTE Benamy (Frontman). The sale procedure of the building, it is reliably learnt is still not completed.

In the meantime, it is learnt according to sources, he is also arranging the sale of Kumars Shop, located in 97 Rue du faubourg St.Denis, 75010 Paris for Euros 400,000.

Presently he is the owner of the following shops in Paris:

1. Kumars jewels, 193 Rue du faubourg St.Denis, 75010 Paris 400,000 euros

2. Kumars Shop , 97 Rue du faubourg St.Denis, 75010 Paris

3. Kumar Shop, 80 Bld Barbes.75018 Paris, and

4. Singapour Exchange 38 Rue de Saint Quentin - 75010 PARIS 10

Chandrakumar was earlier the owner of the Dayana Telecom selling Dalyana Call Cards, but he closed down it in 2000. He is also the President of the Tamil Traders Union in Paris.

Asian Tribune learns that other Tamil Traders and businessmen in France who supported the Tamil Tigers are in quandary without knowing whether the French police would start digging the business activities of them in the near future.

- Asian Tribune -

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