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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 109

Current Economy does not offer a conducive economic environment for the masses - Dr. Hettigoda

Sunil C.Perera in Colombo

Colombo, 19 December, ( A veteran entrepreneur, Ayurvedic Physician and a candidate in the last Presidential election, Deshabandhu Dr.Victor Hettigoda says the current economy does not offer a conducive economic environment for the masses the government has no plans to protect Sri Lankan industries and other enterprises.Dr. Victor HettigodaDr. Victor Hettigoda

Speaking to the media he said, Sri Lanka must reduce its unwanted expenditure such as wastage funds on an unwieldy cabinet of ministers, and for food imports and also in investing on uneconomical projects.

“If Sri Lanka develops its own agricultural resources, we can cultivate all the available arable lands and become self sufficient in food.

“However we need a lasting solution for the ongoing conflict, he said.

During last presidential Election Dr. Hettigoda contested and made a distinct mark election. He said if he becomes the President of Sri Lanka he will invite the LTTE leader to develop the country and make him a member of the government.

“If he refuses to accept my invitation I will place my suggestion to the other governments and ask their suggestions to bring about a lasting peace in the country, he explained.

“Without Tamils and Muslims we cannot build a successful economy in Sri Lanka, he said.

He also proposed that Sri Lankan farmers need proper agri-market without buyer’s menace. He blamed the open market concept and said if the President J.R.J. did not introduce and opened the economy, the country would have survived and local economy would have thrived.

“If the government gives just priority for 50 percent to the local products, we can improve local ventures and become self sufficient, he said.

He said he became a joker during the Presidential election period due to his election manifesto.

“I proposed to give a milking cow to each house and setup a Grain Bank under the purview of the government. But the politicians criticized my proposals and said Hettigoda is a joker. Now the country wastes 17 billion rupee to import milk. If they understood and implemented my proposal, the government could have improved the dairy industry and could have saved billions in foreign exchange today, he said.

He also proposes the current milk production in Sri Lanka must increase by 300 percent to face the international milk prices.

In India, the government does not import or use milk powder .They use liquid milk for their day to day purposes.

“Polices and plans should be prepared to cater the villages .At present the government has no plans to utilize overseas loans for the fruitful projects, he said.

At present Sri Lanka have 109 ministers. If a minister implements a new project in a year, the country will receive 109 new projects per annum, he said.

In the past, Great Britain faced IRA threats and later they came into a negotiated settlement. Sri Lanka needs similar type of settlement if we want to improve Sri Lanka, he said.

Speaking about local political Bikkhus, he said the Buddhist Bikkhus and other religious leaders should not enter politics. They must guide the politicians and show the correct path.

- Asian Tribune -

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