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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 111

Nuclear Phobia in the Subcontinent!

By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi

There was a time not very long ago when 'transportation' of criminals from petty thieves to murderers, was frequent to the British Colony in America now known as United States. The US joined the WW II right at the very end, killed civilians in millions but Hollywood movies depict as if they librated the whole World. Some of the US publications and writers have started a campaign against Indian sub-continental nuclear programs, especially the one in Pakistan in disguise to protect it from the hands of so called fundamentalists.

The Bush led US government is adamant to tie India with illusionary Nuclear treaty, even at the cost of humiliation, which suits her future strategy while dealing with China, Iran and Pakistan and put an end to future proliferation of Indian Nukes against her interest.

International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) was associated with lies, deception and dodgy in the context of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMDs). More than 170 British companies were involved in the Iraqi chemical and biological weapons program according to Channel 4. When journalist presented the list of the companies that supplied chemical and biological material to Saddam Hussein's regime to Ministry of Defence, the response was something like ' the list is correct'.

Mark Fitzpatrick editor of a dossier Nuclear Black Markets agreed that there is no Nuclear program in the world where proliferation did not happen; US program was based on proliferation i.e. technical and material knowledge of the German Nazi scientist. He agreed that Israelis were involved in nuclear proliferation in a round about way. He stated that Israeli program was assisted by the states than any private individuals. It is like saying if an individual is involved in terrorism he or she should be brought to justice but if a state is involved in state terrorism that's OK. The nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan of Pakistan is an individual and hunted against alleged proliferation.

If Israel who is not NPT signatory can be allowed to have nuclear weapons and program because it is 'surrounded by hostile neighbours' why Iran who is NPT signatory can't allowed to have a peaceful nuclear program under IAEA safe guards. What is the point on signing NPT when one cannot have benefit of it?

J Wilkerson former chief of staff of Colin Powel said something like, 'what we know now is that sources of the intelligence on Iraqi WMDs were not credible' and Colin Powel was probably misled and deliberately sent to the UN Security Council with false or half true information. The name 'Chelabi' an Iraqi exile played central role to most of the information US had on biological, chemical and nuclear programs of Iraq.

In the current scenario Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, again a former exile in the USA, is doing exactly what Chelabi did to Iraq. She is misleading the westerns by saying something like that 'mullahs' are going to take control of 'Pakistani Nukes' as if they are lying in some fruit market. One doesn't expect these types of irresponsible comments from some one who has been Prime Minister twice.

Many people may rightly ask why western powers, specailly USA and UK are supporting Benzair Bhutto who created and supprted Taliban and also involved in corrptuion mounting wealth of $2 bilion.

The US and the UK are perhaps in making one more Karzai, Chelabi, Alawi or Maliki through Benazir in Pakistan. It seems army dictator Musharraf's usefulness for the westerners is growing meager. Benazir might have promised something 'big' for her hosts during exile — we don’t know what it can be! But remember! If there is a deal between Benazir and the USA, which appears is. Then wait and see; future course of Pakistan's politics will unfold many upheavals in the Indian subcontinent.

Of course we Indians have nothing to do with what's happening in Pakistan or Pakistani nuclear warheads. But we know, when your neighbor’s house is burning you have to pour water to save your own and remain watchful from flickers which may set your nest on fire.

- Asian Tribune -

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