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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 104

No bail for LTTErs in France

By Our Correspondent in Paris

Paris, 10 December, ( French Courts ordered further four months remand custody for the 19 top leaders of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in France. They include the 14 arrested in Paris in April and the other five nabbed in September 2007.

The French police produced the detainees before a judge and their bail applications were rejected and their custody period was extended by another four months. It is learnt that it was informed that the suspects would be tried in April 2008 for several criminal activities including extortion, intimidation, forceful fund collection, money laundering and fraudulent finance dealings.

The suspects include the LTTE leader in France Parithi alias Nadarajah Mathienthiran, political and propaganda chief Aravindan Thureswamy alias Metha and Thuraisamy Jayamurthy alias Sinna Jeya, who was in-charge of finance and money laundering who were arrested on the April Fools Day and Ranjan who replaced Parithi after arrest of the former.

Ranjan and four others were apprehended in September after questioning the first group pf 14 who were arrested in April.

Though Ranjan was keeping a low profile, French police were monitoring the activities of the LTTE’s second rung, after nabbing the top leaders.

Ravi Manickam alias Oothai Ravi, who was also arrested in September was the key man entrusted by the Tigers to take care of the anti-LTTE Tamil groups in France. The source also said that Oothai Ravi is suspected of a number of mysterious murders and abduction of Tamil diaspora in France.

Asian Tribune learns that The Sous-Directorate Anti-Terrorism (SDAT) s had uncovered large number of documents from several LTTE offices and other front organizations and it would take several months to examine all the evidence. They added that if the suspects were released on bail it would hamper investigations and it would be difficult to get witnesses as the LTTE is well known for intimidation of hostile witnesses.

Earlier, when the suspects were produced before the courts, LTTE’s top international lawyer Rudrakumar, who also assisted the LTTE team at peace talks, reported to have earlier came to France to get them out on remand custody. However, the bail plea was rejected since charges against the suspects are of serious nature.

Subsequently, Metha published a letter from French jail urging the Tamil public to come to their assistance. The letter was published in the London based pro-LTTE Tamil free paper Oru paper.

Later the LTTers in Paris planned a demonstration, but police got the wind of LTTE organizers intentions that they were involved in forcing the Tamils in Paris and suburbs to participate in the protest rally. Therefore the police banned the demonstration and closed down the Trocadero metro to prevent people traveling by the metro to congregate at the Parvis Des Droits Trocadero square – the cancelled venue of the proposed rally.

Those 14 hardcore LTTE cadres who were arrested on the April Fools day are still held in the remand prison and the French police continue, it is learnt for the search of the Tamil miscreants who are mainly involved in the act of challenging the French authority.

Furthermore, the second level LTTE leadership was suspicious if in case they applied for permission to hold a protest march that the French police might not give permission for an LTTE event.

- Asian Tribune -

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