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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 108

Imkong replies to Dr Shurhozelie’s “ism” charges

By Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

Kohima, 20 October, ( Leader of Opposition and CLP Leader I Imkong said he was never against the “capital development” but only against the “misuse of fund in the name of capital development.”

In a statement issued here on Friday, the Leader of Opposition expressed surprise the way Urban Development Minister Dr Shurhozelie took his statement made during a meeting at Mangkolemba as “being ‘ism’ color” when he pointed out about the “discriminatory allocation of developmental funds to Mokokchung district which is represented by 10 MLAs comparing to the allocation of funds to the Northern Angami I and II.”

Thanking Dr Shurhozelie for taking courage to come out with various figures of amount spent in Mokokchung district, Imkong however made it clear that all those figures were mostly on “papers” except for the car parking cum shopping complex, which was also yet to take off construction.

“As a senior Minister he is responsible to explain to the satisfaction of my statement,” Imkong further stated. But instead of performing his responsible duties, the Minister tried to bring “communal color” saying Kohima was not for a particular tribe but for all. Terming it as “very unfortunate,” the Leader of Opposition made it clear that he was not against the “capital development” but “against the misuse of fund in the name of capital development.”

Imkong also alleged that nearly 100 crores of rupees worth of land had been purchased at exorbitant rate, citing an example of a “steep area not fit for human habitation” being acquired at an amount of Rs 60 lakh. “I am prepared to come out with more details if he wants to know about the land purchase scams and he should not try to educate me about the works program because most of the works programs are only on papers which were laid on the floor of the House,” the Leader of Opposition pointed out. “I want to know how much money spent in purchase of land for Capital Development Project (CDP).”

Inviting Dr Shurhozelie to come to Mokokchung and satisfy himself with works being undertaken---many of them were yet to see the light of the day, Imkong also asserted that he didn’t believe in propaganda as he only believed in truth and factual position, and further reminded him (Shurhozelie) that he would be the last man to “think, to talk and do things on ‘ism.”

- Asian Tribune -

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