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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 104

The Tiger’s Way of Taking Cover

Colombo, 19 October, ( In the aftermath of the sea clash which took place in the Pesalai seas today (18) around 4.30 a.m, naval units conducting a search operation in the area recovered a boat fitted with two Out Board Motor(OBM) engines and inside laid four (04) dead bodies. They also rescued three persons who were floating. Later the bodies as well as the injured were taken to the Mannar hospital for treatment.

It is important to analyze how a group of persons got caught in the middle of this incident as those who hate to see tigers losing their hold in the Wanni would prefer to blame the Navy for killing civilians. It is indeed too early to tell whether those who caught in between the fire are tiger sympathizers or innocent civilians.

When analyzing the tiger tactics, it has been very clear that the tigers have mastermind the system of taking either the cover or taking the civilians to the centre of a confrontation when they are at a disadvantages position. This was very evident during the humanitarian operations which were launched by the Security Forces in the East. Tigers used innocent Tamil civilians as a human shield to a greater extent in order to avoid they been targeted by counter artillery fire by the Army.

The incident that we see here is of no difference. Tigers are masters in using civilians as human shields even out at sea. The innocent Tamil fishermen will give evidence to prove this fact. When ever the tigers defeat in the hands of the Security Forces, they have always reverted to the usual tactic of making events to ensure that civilians if not be at the centre of the incident but at least to be in the close vicinity so at the end of the they can blame the others for what ever they do. But that time period has passed and gone by.

Regulations imposed regarding the movement of fishing boats are very clear. The Government Gazette number 1277 dated 23rd May 2002 clearly states which areas are permitted for fishing. A 2.5 nautical mile stretch has been demarcated as a restricted zone for obvious security reasons. Fishing is permitted between 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in this area. The Navy on this particular incident has detected few boats launching from the Vedithalathivu area (an area where sea tiger bases are located) and directed their patrol craft for investigations. On closing up these boats have mingled with other boats and have directed fire at the naval units.

The Navy acted on self-defence and fired few shots which resulted in an exchange of fire and tiger boats started moving towards the area where they launched. As mentioned, those who were killed in this incident are yet to be identified as tiger supporters or innocent civilians. Whether they are tiger supporters or not, the fact remains that the tigers used them to cover their back when their movement was spotted by the naval radar observers and naval units.

Following the incident, the naval search teams conducted searches both on land and sea areas of Pesalai and they recovered following items which were hidden in the Pesalai beach area:

03 Claymore mines (20Kg, 10Kg, 05Kg)
01 Kg C-4 High explosives
06 Hand grenades
319 T-56 ammunitions
03 Anti Personnel Mines
08 T-56 Magazines
01 Detonator cord (200m)

It is only in last Thursday (11) the Navy recovered two (02) remote controlled driven air craft and some other items when they confronted the sea tigers almost in the same location. We have seen during the last couple of months the Navy disturbing the tiger supply line which runs from Tamilnadu to Vedithalathivu area. When the Navy has almost crippled the tiger maritime network of smuggling arms at the deep seas, it is still very much evident that the tigers are desperate in keeping alive their Indian options.

The Navy have understood the importance of blocking this supply route of the tigers and intensified their surveillances in the Mannar sea area. These operations and Sri Lanka Navy’s successes in the Mannar seas have created a major upset in the tiger high command and it is learnt through reliable sources that the tiger leader have ordered to bring in all that they have stored in Tamil Nadu to Vedithalathivu area some how or the other. This was confirmed following a seizure of a sizeable consignment of propellers and spares for powerful OBMs used in speed boats which had come from our peace facilitators- the “Norway”.

In this backdrop it is important to identify tiger tactics well in advance in order to make the next step a smoother one in eradicating the tiger terrorism from this country. For that we salute our men and women in uniform.

- Asian Tribune

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