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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 105

Only with UN approval US action against Iran

By J. N. Raina - Syndicate Features
US President George W Bush has assigned to himself the role of Genghis Khan, who had subjugated millions of people and converted them to Islamic faith. Ironically, it is Osama bin Laden, the sworn enemy of Bush, who is asking the Americans to embrace Islam. The rub is there is no one to deflate the course of the `American Khan’, whose eyes are set on Tehran. Bush and his aides have drawn up a `massive’ plan to wipe out Iran. There is no outcry, in the absence of a coherent governing body at the United Nations.

Pentagon has odiously planned to launch series of air strikes against 1200 targets in Iran in just three days. No secrecy is attached to the `bold’ decision, because there is no one to argue. The obnoxious plan was made public by Alexis Debat, the so-called Director of `Terrorism’ and National Security, at the Nixon Center.

Aim is to destroy `military and nuclear capability’ of Iran. The air strikes are designed to wipe out the entire Iranian military. If it happens, what will remain of that country? The U S wants to devour Iran, as it has devoured Iraq. Undoubtedly, the Americans do not believe in just giving `pinpricks’. Those days are gone.

By orchestrating such air strikes, Bush is believably sending a strong “message to a number of audiences”. These include the members of the UN Security Council, who according to Bush, are trying to `weaken’ a tough third resolution on sanctions against Iran for “flouting a UN ban on uranium enrichment”.

Obviously enough, India is also included in the category of these `audiences’, as the U S feels highly concerned about India’s `military relationship’ with Iran. Richard Boucher, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, has some acerbic remarks: “I am sure, India can explain it better than we can what their relationships are and are not”.

Our sovereignty is being attacked from a country, which is believed to be the `mother of all democracies’. As if it was not enough, the US ambassador to India, David C Mulford has chastised India when he spoke of the `comprehensive relationship’ between India and Iran.

The U S fears that India is imparting training to Iranians, saying “...some of the fears are exaggerated....some of the training...turns out to be of cadet level, some of the exchanges (between India and Iran) don’t lead to a lot...” The same US blinked when Pakistan passed on nuclear technology, which it had borrowed from China, to `rogue’ elements clandestinely.

If the US is concerned about the passage of nuclear weapons by Iran to terrorist groups in future, why equal concerns were not articulated when China and Pakistan in conjunction delivered nuclear know-how to undesirable forces? George Bush should designate himself as the `mortician’ (funeral director). Millions of innocent people were killed ever since his country waged `jihad’ in American style.

The US continues to raise its pitch against Iran, accusing it of “breaking its obligations” under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and providing weapons and financial support to the Hezbollah and Hamas. Simultaneously, the US claims they are exercising a lot of `diplomatic activity’ to try and resolve this issue peacefully. Carrot and dagger method to browbeat Iran?

“No President (read George Bush), charged with defending the American people, takes the military option off the table”, the American ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton has said. The U S does not want other countries, including India, to do `major business’ with Iran, which it alleges `is the central banker of terrorism’.

It is an admitted fact that Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism. It is from here that suicide bombers are being flown to Europe and other countries to wage ‘jihad’ as German investigators have found out recently. But the Americans do not mind. After all, Pakistan is their major ally, for what can be aptly said, as many believe `flourishing terrorism’.

The UN Security Council is the only global organization, charged with the task of preventing war and restoring peace. But it has been rendered defunct. World leaders ought to arouse the people’s conscience about reforming the UN. India as the greatest democracy has the greatest responsibility in revitalizing this august institution so that no country can act arbitrarily. The UN should have the final seal of approval for any action and not the US or any other country, big or small.

On Iraq, there was hardly such an approval, because of the US hegemony. The same trend is discernible now while dealing with Iran. There is no `real UN coalition’. The IAEA, the nuclear watch dog, has said it has neither seen any `indication of diversion’ of nuclear materials for non-peaceful purposes nor it had any `conclusive evidence’ that Iran was attempting to produce nuclear weapons. Yet the US dubs Iran as nuclear rogue.

World governments, representing the UN, should work in unison for the aims set out in the Charter of the UN, as Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General has said. These aims are peace, human rights, justice and development. “We the people” the opening words in the preamble to the UN Charter, does not mean only the Americans.

What has been the role of the sole superpower? It has been abetting terrorism in one way or the other; propping up dictators and terrorists, then waging American style `jihad’ to topple well established governments.

Global problems can be tackled effectively only if the General Assembly is better organized and gives clear directives to the Security Council, and holds it clearly accountable for its actions. Tall demand in a unipolar world? Certainly not, if the nations of the world unite!

- Syndicate Features -

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