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Vasu wants war stopped to establish peace

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Colombo, 07 October, ( The Business for Peace Initiative of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka held its 10th Business for Peace Forum with Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Secretary, Democratic Left Front and Leader of Opposition, Colombo Municipal Council as the Guest Speaker, at JAIC Hilton Hotel.Vasudeva Nanayakkara said that  all hostilities in the conflict should stop  immediately to  create a stage to achieve peace.Vasudeva Nanayakkara said that all hostilities in the conflict should stop immediately to create a stage to achieve peace.

Nanayakkara speaking on the theme “Maintaining the Balance of Peace Building and Economic Growth; The DLF Standpoint”, said that their party is for the devolution of power acceptable for the Tamils, Muslims and other communities in the North and East. They are against the escalation of war and called upon the government and all other concerned parties to initiate unconditional talks with the LTTE, first in the attempt of cessation of hostilities and then to go for lasting peace.

Samantha Abeywickrama, Secretary General, FCCISL welcoming the guests said that the Business for Peace Initiative Forum has created this opportunity to exchange views and ideas of the private sector with regard to the national regular interface between key persons and business community. He said the Forum created a good understand between the two segments and the discussions so has contributed to bring in understanding and enlightening the business community on issues involving national issues.

Nanayakkara said that all hostilities in the conflict should stop immediately to create a stage to achieve peace. He said that their party is sharing the view that in spite of the conflict and the on-going war and in spite of the reservations of both sides, all the parties should sit down to discuss as how to stop the on-going conflict.

He said that the All Party Conference is a forum to sit down and discuss such issues. During Ranil Wickramasinghe's time the Ceasefire Agreement was singed but just nothing more than that took place afterwards. The proposals should be acceptable to the government agreeable and LTTE agreeable. But so far there was no consensus from both parties.He said that their challenge and task is to bring all the pressure to bring them together to consider ceasefire. He said that discussions should first be to bring all the forces together and to win peace, first there should be ceasefire and to call for ceasefire now there should be talks as to how achieve ceasefire could be established at this present situation..

Nanayakkara said that there would not be any conditions to initiate discussion. He said first it should be unconditional to sit and discuss whether ceasefire is possible where APRC want to continue for sometime without any results and whether its proceedings bring in worthwhile. results. There should be proposals to be presented to the Tamils, Muslims as well to other communities as a basis of solving the North and East national question. He said that this is a bigger problem than to the ceasing of hostilities and is also more complex.

In formulating the devolution package and the structure of the state there is the question of whether unitary or none-unitary. He said that their position has been that they are looking at how and what powers should be devolved and what powers to be preserved for the centre. He said that they have to work out a realistic basis that could reach Tamils and Muslims in the north and east. There should be expansion of powers that they could reasonably accept. We should have a formal stage of finding out the outline of the kind of constitutions that is envisaged to get a better understanding as to where they go ultimately and where they find major divisions rather than talking in conceptual terms.

The panelists for the day was M E U P Wickramasinha, Chairman, Ceylon Biscuits Ltd and Keerthi Gunawardane, Immediate Past President, Sri Lanka Printers Association and Managing Director, Graphics Systems Group of Companies. The moderator was Viran Corea, Attorney at Law.

After Nanayakkara's presentation, a lively discussion on the whole issue ensued.

- Asian Tribune -

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