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Chandrika Kumaratunga evicted from official residence and faces new corrupt charges

Colombo, 03 October, ( Chandrika Kumaratunga, the former President of Sri Lanka, is running into a rough patch with the courts evicting her from her official residence and with a new court case charging her with corrupt practices. Chandrika ...bye ...byeChandrika ...bye ...bye

Earlier she was branded as “The Queen of Thieves” in a book written by Victor Ivan, the editor of the Sinhala paper, Ravaya. Ivan was a very close political ally of Kumaratunga who exposed her major corrupt deals to amass a fortune.

The latest is a case filed by Sugathapala Medis, a Sinhala language author of Buddhist literature and Raja Senanayake, a senior public servant and former Deputy Director of the Budget Department of the Treasury. They have petitioned the Supreme Court saying:

1. she misled her own Cabinet in 1997 saying investors, including a Japanese national were interested in constructing a golf course in Battaramulla, obtaining Board of Investment approval for her cronies who then sold the company they formed for the purpose sold to a third party.

2. in this deal President Kumaratunga’s close friend Ronnie Peiris who live in Britain and had nothing to do officially with the company profited by more than Rs. 60 million, as acknowledged to the Income Tax officials recently. They have then shown the nexus between then President Kumaratunga and Ronnie Peiris, with evidence of their personal friendship, going over several years.

3. on a previous instance when the Bank of Ceylon, which came under then President Kumaratunga as Finance Minister had made a special dispensation to grant Ronnie Peiris a loan from its UK branch to settle an outstanding loan with the State Bank of India,

4. the close association with Ronnie Peiris was shown when the Peiris family were the exclusive guests at the recent wedding of then President Kumaratunga’s daughter in the UK.

The petitioners have said that then President Kumaratunga, as custodian of public property and public funds violated the law, abused her powers, and allowed people close to her make unconscionable profits.

The Petitioners have asked the court to make order for the then President and Ronnie Peiris to pay the state compensation in the sum of Rs. 100 Million and for the confiscation of the money unlawfully accrued to Ronnie Peiris, Asia Pacific Golf Courses and Sumal Perera in the entire transaction.

On top of this she has been asked to vacate her official residence located at No: 27 Independence Avenue, Colombo 7 on the orders of the Supreme Court. The Presidential Secretariat had sent the notice with the copy of a Supreme Court Judgment No 503/2005 decided on 3rd May 2007 by a bench consisting of Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, and Justices Shiranee Tilakawardena, and R.A.N.G. Amaratunga.

According to the Supreme Court judgment, the former president is entitled to an appropriate residence free of rent to the value of 1/3 of the monthly pension.

The premises, No. 27 of Independence Avenue of Colombo 7 which has not been used as residence, cannot be considered as an appropriate residence for the purpose of section 2 of the Presidents Entitlements Act No. 4 of 1986.

The former President would also be entitled to a monthly secretarial allowance to be computed in a manner stated in section 3 (1) (a) of the said act and facilities relating to such transport as permitted in terms of section 3 (2) (a) of the act.

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