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The Last Phase: EU Parliament catches the first glimpse of the true story around a former female LTTE cadre

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…

The Last Phase, a documentary that revolves around the fate of a former LTTE woman fighter, was screened at the EU parliament in Brussels on Thursday. The event was hosted by Geoffrey Van Orden, the Chair of Friends of Sri Lanka of the EU parliament. Mr Van Orden is a member of EU parliament, representing the Conservative Party in the UK.

Mr P M Amza, the Head of the Mission to the EU was at the event at the event, invited by Mr Van Orden. Mr Amza described how the story deeply moved him personally, as he had been at a distinct advantage being a native Tamil speaker.

On one hand, according to Ambassador Amza, he could see every conceivable tentacle of brutality of the war that spanned almost three decades; on the other hand, he says, how humanity still could appear in many different forms from unexpected corners to dowse the flames of hatred even at the height of major confrontations.

Mr Amza was referring to the sacrifices made by the military personnel of the Sri Lankan army, medical staff and even media, especially durin

The movie, directed by Jeevan Chandimal and narrated by Richard Mundy, a British national, describes how a young Tamil woman went through endless suffering due to war in her life, often while the death was staring at her from the tower of uncertainty before embracing the path of living in harmony with other communities.
The director assured the audience the movie is just not about a single woman. He says it reflects the plight of many women who once fought against the government of Sri Lanka in their endeavour to leave the personal scars of war behind them.

The transformation of Jayawadhini - from orphan to a woman fighter and then back to a law-abiding Tamil civilian – and that of thousands of other cadres is a monument to the compassion exhibited by both defence and civilian authorities in the noble process of rehabilitation, a fact that makes the accusation of indiscriminate slaughter of surrendered Tamil Tigers rings hollow.

“Since I saw the humanity in action, even in the middle of very intense fighting, I became instrumental in bringing in the film crew to Brussels in order to screen the documentary before the EU,” Mr Amza explained to me on Friday from Brussels when I phoned him.

Mr Van Orden, after watching the documentary, has expressed concern over the unbalanced observance on Sri Lanka. There has been a discussion, following the screening, involving diplomats, intellectuals, members of European Parliament and members of the Sri Lankan community who collectively agreed the need of airing the movie to a wider global audience.

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Ambassador P M Amza,
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