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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 111

Will President Bush be ambushed by Number 7?

By M. K. Damodaran – Numerologist, Kerala, India

The US President George W. Bush is now 61-year-old.This age is very important in his life. Why? Because, 61 adds up to 7(6+1=7).Apart from the fact that President George  Bush  is now 61-year-old,another  striking point is that he is now in the 7th year of his Presidency( 6 year completed).Apart from the fact that President George Bush is now 61-year-old,another striking point is that he is now in the 7th year of his Presidency( 6 year completed).

Believe it or not, numbers 2 and 7 have immensely influenced the scheme of things in the life of President Bush. Please see the details:-

Influence of number 2:-

1) The name 'George W Bush' contains 11 alphabets. Eleven adds up to two (1+1=2).

2) He first became President in the election conducted in the year 2000(2+0+0+0=2).

3) September 11 terrorist attack.

4) For the second time, he became President in the election held on November 2, 2004.

Influence of number 7:-

1) The name 'George W Bush' begins with the 7th alphabet 'G'.

2) He is the 43rd (4+3=7) US President.

3) He was first elected in the November 7 US Presidential election.

4) Before that, he had appointed his Presidential Exploratory committee on March 7, 1999.

5) His twin daughters were born on November 25(2+5=7), 1981.

6) The November 7 US Presidential election was challenged in the court. Subsequently,7 Judges of the US Supreme Court pronounced the verdict , observing that there was no need to recount the votes cast in the state of Florida. Interestingly, there were 25(2+5=7) Electoral College Members in the state of Florida!

7) America started war against Afghanistan on October 16(1+6=7), 2001. Then, why this influence of numbers 2 and 7?

The reason is fully attributed to his name number 47,which adds up to 2.The name number is arrived at by adding together the occult number of each alphabet of the name as shown below:-

George W Bush=g+e+o+r+g+e+w+b+u+s+h=3+5+7+2+3+5+6+2+6+3+5=47(4+7=11.Further adding, 1+1=2).

Numbers 2 and 7 are highly inter-related. Number 7 is influential to a person influenced by number 2.Similarly; a person influenced by number 7 is influenced by number 2-That is why numbers 2 and 7 are exerting tremendous influence on President Bush.

In this context,it is immensely interesting to see that the two names President Bush loves most to hate also carry the name number 7!

These names are 'Osama' and 'Al-Qaeda'!! o+s+a+m+a=7+3+1+4+1=16(1+6=7). a+l+q+a+e+d+a=1+3+1+1+5+4+1=16(1+6=7)

What message does it convey? Surely it means that it is not easy for Bush to eliminate Osama or alqaeda! Because, at least in the numerological sense, President Bush and Osama are equally mighty!

Apart from the fact that President Bush is now 61-year-old,another striking point is that he is now in the 7th year of his Presidency( 6 year completed).

Since number 7 is very prominent for him, does it give the hint that he will be President for only seven years? Or, in other words, will he not complete the full term?

Here, let us note the name numbers of two former American Presidents.

The name number of Abraham Lincoln is 43,which adds up to 7.Plese see that he was the 16th US President (1+6=7).Similarly the name number of John F Kennedy is 53,which adds up to 8(5+3=8).Incidentally, he was the 35th US President(3+5=8).

Then, what is in the womb of destiny for President Bush? Does he, numerologically, face any danger from Osama and al-Qaeda?

In this circumstance, let us see some phenomenon of the history. If we analyze events that occurred at an interval of 9 years or multiple like 18,27,36,45 etc, it is possible to deduce that the most dramatic events happened at these times.

For example, Indira Gandhi first became Indian Prime Minister in 1966.In 1975,that is after 9 years, she declared Emergency Rule in India. After another 9 years-in 1984-she was assassinated.

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1948.Plese see that Indira Gandhi was assassinated after 36 years (multiple of 9).

Now coming back to America let us note that John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.Adding 45 (multiple of 9) we get 2008.Another important point is that Kennedy was assassinated by Oswald. That his name begins with the letter'O' is very striking.

Because, presently President Bush faces the greatest threat from Osama. What’s in a letter, you may ask. Again, let me cite history.

The two general elections in India-1977 and 2004-were strikingly similar in certain respects. Morarji Desai was elected Prime Minister after the election in 1977.After the election in 2004; Manmohan Singh was elected Prime Minister. The names of the two Prime Minister begin with the letter' M'(there is a gap of 27 years-multiple of 9 between the two elections)

So, briefly speaking, President Bush may, perhaps, face danger from Osama. However, let me frankly submit that God alone knows what will exactly happen! As per numerology, I am only giving a hint.

In this circumstance, let me submit that I have made three predictions about Bush, as furnished below:-

1) Bush will be elected President in the November 7 US Presidential election (The Hindu daily-October 19, 2000 and The New Indian Express daily -October 30, 2000)

2) Bush will be the ultimate loser in the Iraq affair (The New Indian Express-December19, 2003)

3) Bush will not be elected President for the second time (The New Indian Express daily-December 19, 2003).

It may be noted that my third prediction was proved incorrect. Finally, as a numerologist, I submit that I neither support Bush nor Osama!

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