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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 110

Sri Lanka: Muslims in the East cry foul of Karuna group

Colombo, 24 July, ( Muslims in the east have begun to cry loudly of the persecutions, threats and intimidations they daily undergo in the hands of the uncontrollable and ruthless armed cadres of the Karuna Group.

Reports reveal that the Muslims in the East are not yet allowed to walk independently, even after the liberation of the east.

In its latest report, ‘Muslim Guardian’ a news portal claiming to be the ‘Voice of the Sri Lanka Muslims,’ was highly critical of the atrocities of the Karuna Group in one of its news report with a headline "Karuna forcibly s(h)ells his newspapers to Muslims in the liberated East!"

The full text of the news report appeared in the Muslim Guardian ids given below:

(MIC – Sri Lanka) "Eastern Sunrise" was celebrated on 19th July 2007 in the Independence Square to mark the liberation of the Eastern Sri Lanka. However it seems that Muslims in the east are not yet allowed to walk independently, even after the liberation of the east.

It is reported to Muslim Guardian that Karuna group forcibly sells its propaganda newspapers to Muslims in the east especially in the Batticaloa district.

It has become a normal scenario for the innocent Muslims who travel from Batticaloa to Colombo. The armed Karuna group members stop busses along the roadside of the Batticaloa – Colombo road.

Normally the group waits in a white van to stop busses in a jungle area of the road. Once busses are stopped the armed group gets into the bus and forcibly sells its newspaper and collects Rs. 25 for each paper, which is a heavy burden to the passengers.

It is also reported that the under-aged cadres use indecent language even to elders and women to force and threat them to buy a newspaper. If any one travels through the road twice a day he has to buy the newspaper twice, a passenger told Muslim Guardian.

Passengers request the authorities and leaders to intervene in this matter immediately and to stop these kinds of harassments.

- Asian Tribune –

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