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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 111

Karuna cuts deal to let Tigers escape from east to Vanni

Colombo, 17 July, ( Asian Tribune was informed by reliable sources that Velupillai Prabakaran, leader of the Tamil Tigers, has ordered Jeyam, Special Commander of the LTTE in the Batticaloa Amparai district, to return to Vanni with his cadres, leaving behind a minimum force of 30 to 50 cadres.

Cadres left behind are to work with the intelligence group of the outfit in disrupting the peace and stability in the region. The remainder of the 360 hardcore Tigers will now seek to escape the cordon thrown by the Security Forces.

Earlier on 11 July Sri Lanka Army captured the last bastion of the Tigers in the east. The Government has decided to celebrate the complete capture of the east on 19 at the Independent Square in the Torrington Avenue in Colombo.

According to sources close to Tigers in the east, Jeyam has contacted Karuna the former renegade Tiger leader of the East, requesting safe passage for them to leave from Thoppigala through the Main Supply Route Batticaloa Central – Welikantha up to Chenkalady. Then they hope to pass through Batticaloa North to Trinco South and from there to cross into Kumburupiddy coast to embark on the boats of the Sea Tigers.

Army intelligence sources who intercepted the telephone conversation between Karuna and Jeyam it is learnt are still decoding the conversation as the conversation was based on the LTTE code used before 2004 during the period Karuna was with the LTTE.

Intelligence sources revealed that the Tigers has modified or else completely abandoned the old code language and are using a new coded language which the army could easily decode.

According to available reports Jeyam was speaking on the telephone of Sinnathamby, the confidante of Karuna, who is from Kiran. Karuna trust his relatives and collegues, namely Ranjan, Thavaseelan, PLO Mama and Sinnathamby all from Karuna’s birthplace of Kiran.

During the conversation Jeyam has agreed to part with 1 crore Sri Lankan rupees in his possession as service charge for safe passage from Thoppigala area to Kumbrupiddy sea coast in the Trincomalee coastal village. Jeyam also agreed to give details of places where LTTE has buried some of the sophisticated weapons so that Karuna Group may if necessary take possession of them. According to the talks Karuna group also has agreed to provide large stock of food provision needed for the LTTE, to be delivered to them at Pulipanchakal.

Asian Trubune learnt that normally Karuna Group buys their food provisions only once a month and deliver them to their bases and offices in the East. But reports revealed that Ranjan made the purchase for the second time in the month of July and they were destined to Pulipanchakall.

Intelligence reports also state that Ranjan of the Karuna Group who is in charge of finance has bought the required provisions such as rice, potatoes, ‘Anchor’ brand milk powder, condensed milk tins, tea leaves, chilly powder, sugar, fish cans, dry fish (sprats) and Red Bull 9 (Energy Drinks) for Rs. 15 lakhs in Batticalao as well as in Welikantha and the food consignment has already been delivered at Pulipanchakall nearly 10 days ago before the fall Thoppigala.

Asian Tribune reported earlier that the LTTE cadres are splitting themselves into small groups of five and ten have started trekking towards Kumburupiddy.

- Asian Tribune -

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