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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 111

LTTE cadres still roaming in eastern jungles

Colombo, 14 July, ( Reports emerging from Sri Lanka’s Eastern front reveals that Thambirajah Ramesh, who was the Special Commander of the Batticaloa Amparai District of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, has managed to reach Vanni safely with nearly 320 cadres. He took with him Kuveni, the woman leader responsible for the political section of the LTTE in Batticaloa and 30 other women cadres. Also according to information Santhan and others too have managed to reach Vanni.

It is learnt that Ramesh and his group trekked from Thoppigala to Wanni via the Kumburupiddiya, Thiriyaya coastal areas. On 08th July at Kumpuripiddi a costal village Ramesh managed to send the sick and women cadres by boat.

While the LTTE cadres were sailing in boats, Sri lanka Navy observed the movements of the Sea Tigers boats in the area and managed to intercept them. While the Navy was involved in confronting the Sea Tigers, it is now learnt that majority of the Ramesh group managed to trek through Pulmoddai, and then through Thennamaravadi to enter Vanni.

In the meantime, “Asian Tribune” learnt from reliable sources that people have seen LTTE’s Batti – Amparai Special Commander Jeyam, Mano Master and Keerthi of the intelligent wing of the LTTE in the south of a mountin located 10 miles south of Kudumpimalai. Sources told “Asian Tribune” there was nearly 30 LTTE cadres with them and they were seen cooking meals in the foothills of the mountain. It was also reported that Jeyam and others have footstock that would last for nearly 3 months in the jungle terrains.

Another group of nearly 100 LTTE cadres are still there, led by Ram holed up in the jungle region of Yala. As reported earlier their needs are supplied by an underground group of Sinhala political activists in the region linked to the opposition political party; UNP. Asian Tribune reported this exclusively. (See UNP agents feeding Tigers holed up in Yala jungles

Furthermore, according to some sources, the LTTE Commander Jeyam has mobilized his men around Paduvankarai region. They are reported to be split into two groups, of 20 cadres each. One group is led by Manivannan and the other by Mathan. They are mobilized to lay landmines and claymores and to adopt hit and run tactics to take on the Sri Lankan forces in surprise attacks, cause damages and vanish.

AS reported earlier, another group led by Nagesh has under his command nearly another 100 cadres but sources said that they are divided into small groups ranging from 10 to 15 men in various locations around Thanthamalai in Amparai District border areas.

Asian Tribune learnt that there are more than 360 LTTE fighters till remaining in the Batticaloa – Amparai districts.

- Asian Tribune -

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