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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 108

Karuna group a big threat to peace and stability in the east

Colombo, 14 July, ( Muslims of the east are perturbed by the new trend of the Karuna group emerging as the armed persecutors of the Muslims. Community leaders have pointed out that the liberated east has to be free of gunmen and others who try to thrive by terrorizing, intimidating and abducting the innocent Tamils and Muslims at gun point.

The Minister of Disaster Relief Services, District Member of Parliament for Batticalao and the resident of Oddamavadi, Ameer Ali Sahabdeen, told the ‘Asian Tribune’ though the people are yearning to lead peaceful lives in the Government liberated area in the east armed groups are stepping in aggressively and violently to deny them peace and security.

He said even three days ago gunmen belonging to Karuna Group were involved in the killing of a Muslim and injuring another.

Minister Ameer Ali Sahabdeen condemned the Karuna Group for killing of Meera Sahib Mohammed Nazurdin (26) father of two children on 11 July at Oddamavadi.

He added that Abubucker Mohamed Illiyas who was hospitalized in the Polonnaruwa hospital after he was shot and seriously injured has been now moved to Colombo hospital as his condition has become critical.

The Minister said that Karuna Group unnecessarily interferes in the Muslim affairs and is involved in threatening, intimidating and in Kaddai Panchayat , forcing the people to submit to their violence.

He said this particular incident it was due to land dispute. He added recently Meera Sahib Mohammed Nazurdin bought a plot of land from a Tamil gentleman at Pallakkadu Veddai. When Karuna group came to know of a Muslim man buying a land, they opposed the purchase and warned the buyer not to take possession of the land that belongs to the Tamils. Subsequently Abubucker Mohamed Illiyas went to negotiate with the Karuna Group and settle the issue peacefully.

Karuna Group was not moved by the pleadings of Illiyas. They came in two motorcycles and shot and killed Meera Sahib Mohammed Nazurdin and seriously injured Abubucker Mohamed Illiyas.

Infuriated Muslims in Oddamavadi, Valaichenai, Kaththankudi, Eravur closed down their shops and public offices and staged hartal. A complete work stoppage was observed in the areas where Muslims were predominant.

Hartal was organized by the Kalkudha Muslim Mosque Federation. On the 12th. July, Asistant Superintendent of Police attached to Valaichchenai, Herath, Senior Superintendent of Police, Batticaloa and Colonel Napagoda, Brigade Commander of Valaichenai visited Oddamavadi and negotiated with the representatives of the Kalkudha Muslim Mosque Federation.

Mosque Federation people alleged that the two Muslims were shot at by Karuna Group. They demanded Anbumani and Ranjan be arrested and case filed against them for killing and causing grevious injuries. Heads of Police and Army assured that the culprits would be arrested and produced in the court of law.

Minister Ameer Ali Sahabdeen told that Karuna Group is involved in occupying lands belonged to the Muslims in this region. The land area belonging to the Muslims in this region is limited and if Karuna Group tries to take over the lands belonging to Muslims it would be illegal and need to be checked. He added that no parson with self respect would tolerate Karuna Group’s interference in the lands belonging to the Muslims.

Ameer Ali Sahabdeen emphasized that Muslims and Tamills in the East wishes to lead a peaceful life in the East. Armed Groups should not interfere in this region which is now liberated.

- Asian Tribune -

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