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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 113

Saudi National day

By S.H.Moulana - Riyad

Saudi Arabia will be celebrating its 83rd National Day on Monday the 23rd of September.

Since the newly introduced weekend here is Friday-Saturday the government has declared Sunday too as a holiday to stretch it up to Monday, the National Day.

This privilege will be enjoyed by those in the government sector.

We see the national flags of the country are being flown everywhere even in the motor vehicles owned by Saudis as well as the expatriates.

The country is in a real festive mood.

Expatriate communities are ever grateful to this country, which has changed their life as well as their children’s, who were born here, educated and sent abroad to pursue higher studies.

Some of them have returned to the kingdom having qualified to take up more responsible jobs than their parents.

One cannot easily forget the magnanimous gesture of this great country for treating all alike irrespective of their nationality or religious faith.

Millions or if not billions of dollars remitted monthly by the expatriate workers to their respective countries have already beaten those countries’ traditional foreign exchange earners through other means and in our case, tea.
We Sri Lankans are always grateful to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its continued assistance to our country for various development works.

To mention a few notable ones -

A grant of Rs.5,332 million for Kaluganga project, Rs. 7875 million to upgrade our road network,

Rs. 440 million for the construction of the longest bridge linking Trincomalee with Kinniya and

Rs.1683 million for Mahaweli Ganga development.

Very importantly how can one ever forget the way Saudi Arabia stood with us so strongly, in Geneva, when it voted against the motion brought to sanction us at the UNHR meeting.

Saudi Arabia is a trusted friend of our country and we extend our sincere National Day greetings to His Majesty the King Abdullah, his government, the citizens and its ambassador in our country.

May God bless them with continued peace and prosperity!

We very well know how patriotic the Saudis are and how much they love their country.

We have no doubt that our friendship with this great country will grow more and more under the wise leadership of our president.

Long live our bilateral relationship!

Saudi flags fly high on main roads in preparations for National Day
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