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Dynamo: a major British Export in the making

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…

The ability of Dynamo, 30, whose real name is Stephen Frayne, to spellbind television audiences, shows no sign of abating around the world with his magic tricks. On the contrary, with his latest series on television, Dynamo proves he is simply the best magic performer in the world at present. Some of the things that Dynamo has been doings are thoroughly mind-boggling and defying logic and reason.

Very recently, Dynamo walked on water near the Houses of Parliament on the River Thames in front of thousands of onlookers. He did appear to be walking on water effortlessly, as if it was the ground, up to the half way mark across the river, before being picked up by an apparent police boat.

Last month, he hovered next to the upper deck of a bus in London - with just the palm of the right hand being in contact with the body of the bus. He could move his feet while in the air and was even using a mobile phone despite being in a very precarious position, nearly 15 feet above the ground.

In Singapore, Dynamo managed to levitate Lindsay Lohan, the American actress, almost 4 ft. off her stool while she was shrieking and shaking in utter discomfort – and hiding the emotions behind dark glasses. Lindsay Lohan simply defied gravity by holding the hand of Dynamo.

In his latest series, Dynamo turned a cup of jellybeans – a multi-colour mixture – into a cup of blue jellybeans, just by hovering his palm over it. The three teenagers, who chose the colour they wanted, were left flabbergasted in disbelief.

One of the favourite tricks of Dynamo is his ability to insert a mobile phone into a glass bottle with a gentle push while leaving the owner of the phone in panic mode about the fate of the gadget. In his latest series, he even managed to make the phones of an audience ring simultaneously in a street corner in New York.

Dynamo even shocked Prince Charles when the former bent and circled his little finger as if there was no bone in it. Prince hid his face in his palms while watching it and even warned Dynamo: “‘If that ever went wrong and you damaged your hand, you wouldn't be much good as a magician,” Prince has said in his characteristic way.Dynamo admitted this week that he gets invited to Buckingham Palace to entertain the members of the Royal Family on regular basis.

There was a time magic when magic was confined to elaborately-installed stages while keeping the audience far away from the performer. With the emergence of Street Magic, Dynamo and David Blaine have taken it to a new height; in most households, kids have started emulating the duo while scanning YouTube videos.

After watching his stunts, we always wonder how he does all that. It is next to impossible to spot trickery, if any, even if you are glued to the TV screen during the show; I often tried it, but all to no avail.

After every single performance, there are folks who ‘claim’ to have cracked what Dynamo did. Unfortunately, most of these sites – or links – get you nowhere, apart from repeating what Dynamo did in a different tone.

They are no different from the endless self-help books whose claims range from making us rich and famous to winning us friends while polarizing our enemies.

In the presence of Dynamo’s magic tricks, even scientists, who usually are quick to come up with some sort of explanations, maintain an inexplicable silence.

As a physics enthusiast, I am eagerly waiting for a physicist to explain how Dynamo defied gravity in some of his stunts. If a brave physicist allowed himself or herself to be subjected to a ‘Lindsay Lohan’ in public, it would have been an ideal opportunity for both the audience and the learned intellectual to explore the mysterious phenomenon, as the first-hand experience is much more valuable than what normally comes in a text book or from a distant source.

Dynamo, on his part, has made it clear that he was not going to shed light on any of his tricks; the secrets, he says, are going to go to his grave with him. That means, it is up to us find out how he does it, which may need going far beyond microscopic scanning the television footage.

Dynamo, who has been elevated as an associate of The Magic Circle, the premier organization of magicians, is going to add more tricks to his legacy. At present, he is being sponsored by Pepsi Max ; meanwhile, other major global brands may be keeping an eye on the young, unassuming man from Yorkshire, in England, while knowing very well the potential that Dynamo possesses.

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Dynamo: a major British Export in the making
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