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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 101

Anyone still left to make us laugh?

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

A report appearing in one of the popular websites said that a Syrian group called ‘Ward Al Sham’ has shot a comedy drama, for Ramadan, called ‘Hammam Shami’ in the UAE.

It is supposed to be directed by Momen Al Mulla of ‘Bab Al Hara’ fame.

With Syria embroiled in civil war, the program hopes to give a moment of respite to the troubled nation. The same vicious war has caused the death of the famous Syrian comedian, Yassin Bakush (75), who earned the adoration of the Arab masses with his simple and touching impersonations.

It was reported that he was a victim of a rocket attack, the blame for which both the government and the rebels accused each other.

An admirer of this legendary comedian tweeted ‘Just as you made us laugh during your lifetime, your death made us to cry’.

‘Al Hayat’ announcing his obituary wrote “He who only knew how to smile left Damascus after tasting death through the vicious conflict. Yassin always partnered the famous Syrian comedian, Doreid Laham, who gave us the memorable ‘Sah al Noum’, ‘Hammam Al Hana’ and numerous other Syrian comedies. Their presentations are absolutely natural and not second to any top class productions from any country.

Syria had a wealth of artists with natural talent. Is there anyone still left, who can make us laugh?

It is sad that a country laughed so much is now crying!

- Asian Tribune –

Popular Syrian comedian Yassin Bakush is pictured on March 18, 2007 (AFP/File)

Popular Syrian comedian Yassin Bakush is pictured on March 18, 2007 (AFP/File)
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