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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 101

Egypt in turmoil

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

What took place in Egypt is a full- blown coup. The military might use the people as an excuse to remove a democratically elected president. They indirectly pushed the people to the streets so that they can gain power.

There is no doubt the coup had the full backing of the US and Israel. The US government is barred by law from giving foreign aid to countries under military coup. Therefore White House is refusing to make Egypt coup determination. Again, we see another famous or infamous double standard.

Who would like to live in a country where one’s voice is not heard and rights are trembled by powerful boots. There is no doubt people will continue to protest.

Morsi was elected by 13.6 million Egyptian voters and the military got to eliminate this huge number from the face of the earth to maintain peace in that country.

Morsi tried his best to stop a lot of corruption left over from Hosni Mubarak, from his 30-year-dictatoship.

Many Egyptians have never heard the name of interim president, Adly Mahmud Mansur, appointed by the military.

The judiciary will obey the military and do as they say and the ‘president’ too will remain an absolute puppet.

The massacre of 51 worshippers by the military during the dawn prayer, couple of days ago, will not be taken so lightly, not only by Morsi’s supporters but by the others too.

The atrocities the military has committed in this very short period in power are enough to put this 4000-year-old civilization in permanent turmoil.

Analysts have already summarized that Egypt is in deep trouble, if that is what the schemers really wanted.

Having Egypt has hit the headlines all other issues around, in the region, are deliberately ignored or conveniently forgotten!

- Asian Tribune -

he massacre of 51 worshippers by the military during the dawn prayer, couple of days ago
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