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Windows 8.1: Microsoft lets users to catch a glimpse of the patch

By Our Special Correspondent
London, 27 June, (

Having come under fire, both from the users and manufacturers for not coming up with a permanent fix for a range of issues that spoilt the user-experience with its latest operating system, Windows 8, Microsoft, at last, seems to be taking the problems seriously.

As a result, the preview version of the update, Windows 8.1, can be downloaded free of charge as from Wednesday – and it is on offer for anyone, which, normally is for Microsoft’s partners and software developers.

With this unprecedented move, Microsoft may be hoping to expose the operating system for a vast audience in order to get a near-perfect picture of the problems faced by consumers.

On Wednesday, at developer’s conference, Microsoft is determined to kill two birds with a single stone: first, giving them an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the update; then, encourage developers to be engaged in Microsoft’s software development platform a bit more enthusiastically than they are at present.

Microsoft’s keenness to be a tablet maker has created a catalogue of headaches for the company. One of them is the complaint made by its traditional customers about the revolutionary leap, which, put a lot them off buying it. The frustration corresponds with the lackluster sales figures of PC; the sharp fall has alarmed both manufacturers and analysts to the core.

Microsoft tried to play down the trend by pointing out the sales figure of 100 million Windows 8 licenses, but to no avail.

The radical changes made to the Desktop as we know it, have been disastrous: the absence of iconic Start button is particularly bad; in addition, the tile-based interface has left the users annoyingly- baffled, if not outraged.

Microsoft may have felt the need of ‘educating’ people to use the new interface in the hope of attracting them to its Surface tablet in the long run. Unfortunately, the ambitious move has backfired.

Windows 8.1 will let people to start in the desktop mode automatically. In that mode, it is restoring a button that looks like the old Start button. So, Microsoft knows the significance of the unique icon.

There are new features of Windows 8.1 that include more options to use a range of apps simultaneously. In addition, the update will also offer more integrated search results - showing users previews of websites, apps and documents that are on the device, in one go.

Microsoft is facing a serious challenge even without the problems associated with Windows 8. Since indications are clear about the unstoppable trend towards tablets, it has to evolve – and very fast, but not at the expense of loyal Windows users.

In that context, it may be pinning its hopes on Windows 8.1, due to be released for commercial use at the end of the year, to keeps its woes at bay.

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Windows 8.1: Microsoft lets users to catch a glimpse of the patch
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