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Vesak Festival in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi, 07 June, (

Vesak Festival was organized by Ambassador Dr. Mahinda Balasuriya and the staff of the Embassy with the cooperation of the Dayaka Sabhawa and the Sinhala Buddhist Community on 24.05.2013. A “Seela Vyapara” was conducted at the Embassy with the participation of about 300 Sri Lankan community members which was followed with a Dana for 1000 people.

In the evening on 24.05.2013 a special “Dharmasanaya” which was donated by the Ambassador and the staff, Professional Association of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi, Dayaka Sabhawa and the Sri Lankan Buddhist Community was offered to the “Maha Sangha” who was present for the ceremony at the Embassy. The “Dharmasanaya” was built in Sri Lanka and will be used for monthly sermons conducted by the Ven. Buddhist Monks from Sri Lanka.

After the donation of the Dharmasanaya a casket containing the sacred relics was handed over to the Maha Sanga to be displayed at the Shrine Room of the Embassy which was brought from Sri Lanka as a special gesture for the Vesak Ceremony.

In the night on 24.05.2013 a beautiful Vesak Lantern Competition was conducted at the Embassy premises where the gifts were offered. About 3000 Buddhist devotees visited the Embassy in the night for attending the religious functions and the Vesak Lanterns Competition. 03 Dansalas were offered by the Embassy Staff and the Sri Lanka Buddhists Community which was very largely attended. The Vesak Lanterns were lit for 3 days and another Dharma Deshana was held on 25.05.2013 for those who could not attend on 24.05.2013 due to official duties.

On 25.05.2013 a “Bakthi Gee Ceremony” was held at Al Muna School in Abu Dhabi by the “Daham Pasala” of Abu Dhabi largely attended by the parents of “Daham Pasala”. This was a well organized and a colorful event.

At the same day a “Bo Sapling” from the most sacred Sri Maha Bodiya which was lying at the Embassy was deposited by the Ambassador, staff and the Dayaka Sabhawa with the blessings of the Ven Buddhist Monk present for the ceremony outside the Shrine Room of the Embassy. The Bodhi Pooja was held soon after. After the Vesak Festival the Shrine Room was provided with the Casket of sacred relics and “Bo Sapling” of the sacred Sri Maha Bodhiya for Sri Lankan Buddhist devotees.

The Sri Lankan public commented that this was the best Vesak Ceremony held after several years in Abu Dhabi. The Ambassador is thankful to the entire staff of the Embassy, Dayaka Sabhawa, Daham Pasala, Sri Lanka Professionals Association and Sri Lankan Buddhist Community for making excellent arrangements to commemorate Vesak Festival in Abu Dhabi.

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Vesak Festival in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Vesak Festival in Abu Dhabi, UAE
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