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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 108

Shanthan – the key to Tiger operations in UK

London, 23 June, ( The arrest of A. C. Shanthan, the No: 1 Tiger agent in UK, has been a big blow to the Tiger movement in Europe. His links to Anton Balasingham, the London-based ideologue, makes him one of the principal agents of the Tigers. Shanthan who is held in Paddington Green, Paddington is being continuously grilled by the Police in United Kingdom regarding the activities of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.A.C. Shanthan being questioned by the Metropolitan police officer in an earlier occasion. – (File Photo) A.C. Shanthan being questioned by the Metropolitan police officer in an earlier occasion. – (File Photo)

Shanthan was arrested under Terrorism Act and Police expect him to be a mine of information on Tamil Tiger operations in Europe.

It is learnt that UK police are liaising with the French police to investigate clues leading to the murder of two LTTE operatives in Paris a few years ago. Kandiah Perinpanathan formerly the LTTE's treasurer and Kajan of the Eelamurasu were killed in Paris.

Police sources alleged that Shanthan in operations that involved forcible collection of funds, threats, intimidations, abductions, illegal confinement of those opposed to the LTTE, and harassment and torture.

According to police sources, Shanthan is the man behind the operations of his second in command Robert Soosaipillai who was involved in abducting and illegally confining Tamil diaporas and harassing and torturing.

UK Police according to reliable sources have details of abducting and confining anti-LTTE people at Thamilini Cash and Carry located at South hall, Middlesex which earlier belonged to the LTTE. Now it is owned by one Aravinthan and Ilankovan. One of the partners Ilankovan is now under arrest in Chennai on allegation of credit card scam.

Police sources revealed that abducted Tamils are taken to the storeroom of the Tamilini Cash and Carry and their hands and feet tied, mouth plastered and harassed and tortured.

Sources close to the police also revealed that Shanthan has a property in Katherine Road in Eastham, a safe-house used for illegal confinement.

Police sources revealed that Shanthan was involved in credit skimming, cloning and credit card scam.

Further more police suspects that Shanthan is involved in money laundering. Two private money exchanges owned by a Tamil man and woman located near the Hydepark and Marble Arch tube stations were made use by Shanthan for the money laundering activities.

- Asian Tribune -

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