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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 104

Swiss Tamils call for the ban of Tiger demonstration on June 11

Berne, 04 June, ( Sri Lankan Tamils domiciled in Switzerland are putting pressure on the Swiss authorities to revoke the permission granted to the Tamil Tigers to hold a mass rally on June 11 in front of the UN offices in Geneva. They fear that this rally will lead to more Tamil Tiger violence, causing further unrest in the Tamil community. Tamil Tigers are known for beating up members of rival Tamil parties in Europe, America, Canada and Sri Lanka.

S. Gnanalingam alis Swiss Ranjan, International coordinator of the Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), said that the concerned Tamils are disappointed because permission has been given without considering the possible consequences that could affect the Tamil community in Switzerland. He said that permission has been given much against the wishes of the Tamil community in Switzerland.

In his appeal, he has pointed out that the Tiger agents first threatened and later attacked members of the PLO at the Central, in front of Zurich Metro on last May Day. He said his party members were attacked by Tamil Tiger agents led by Tiger Chief of Switzerland Chelliah Kulasekerasingham (alias Kulam) and four others. He added that he escaped being killed by the grace of God but had suffered serious injuries and some of his other members were hospitalized for treatment. Police were able to arrest the Tiger chief and four others after an identification parade in which the local Tamils spotted the Swiss Tigers. The arrested Tigers are in custody in Zurich without bail.

One of the main concerns is the arrival of unknown Tamil Tigers from other EU countries who can attack and slip out of the country without being detected. It was possible to identify the Tigers who led the attack at the Zurich Metro because they were locals. But outsiders coming in can be a serious threat to the Tamils living in Switzerland. Though the Tigers are banned in the 27 EU countries they are expected to participate in the Velka Tamil Perani (Let Tamil Triumph March,), a protest rally to raise the issue of dividing Sri Lanka on ethnic lines.

“We are afraid that our lives are in danger in case ruthless LTTE cadres from other countries are allowed to enter Switzerland to participate in a procession as they might target us to complete their unfinished tasking of killing us which they failed on the May Day,” Ranjan said in his appeal to the Swiss authorities.

“Furthermore, this procession is not undertaken by some one who believes in democracy, human right, right of life and pluralism, but by those involved with hate based terrorist campaign and Tamil chauvinism. This procession is an attempt to glorify terrorism internationally and to mislead the international community by showing a few hundred Tamils diaspora living in other European countries as if though they all wanted the international community believe that they were the sole representatives of the Tamils, which in reality is not so,” Ranjan clarified.

Ranjan pointed out, “Liberation Tigers who were involved in fratricidal warfare, recruitment of thousands of underage Tamil children to be canon fodder, who introduced suicide attacks through black Tigers, a new innovation in the terrorist armoury are those involved in this procession. “

He said that those participating in the processions are the war-mongers who contributed money and support the proscribed terrorist organization to launch war and destruction in Sri Lanka.

Ranjan emphasised: “ If these people are allowed to go on a procession and parade through the streets of Geneva holding images of Velupillai Prabakaran, leader of the outfit who is wanted in India for the killing former India Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and in Sri Lanka for the killing of innocent Tamils and destroying the Central bank Building, it will amount to Switzerland aiding and abetting in the terrorists activities of a proclaimed terrorist organization.”

- Asian Tribune -

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