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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 113

"Stop lying about the causes of Burma's political and economic crises" - Forum for Democracy in Burma

Rangoon, 27 May, ( Forum for Democracy in Burma (FDB) calls on the Burmese military regime to stop lying about the causes of Burma's political and economic crises. The Burmese military has been lying more than usual recently, using propaganda to convince the Burmese people and the international community that the economical crises in Burma is caused by the international sanctions against the military government. Further, according to the military regime, the current people activities are acts of external influence.

Furthermore, the Forum for Democracy in Burma alleged that thee military regime is using its state propaganda machine in an attempt to portray the activities of the Burmese people, demanding the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and all other political prisoners in Burma not as a genuine wish of the people, but as an act of power hunger under the influence of western powers.

"The military propaganda is ridicules. How can it be external influence and power hunger to demand that the military accepts the will of the Burmese people to have their elected leader released from detention", asks Naing Aung, Secretary General of FDB.

FDB would like the military regime to listen to what the people of Burma say without prejudice and not to practice oppression towards those who have different opinions.

“The people protesting against the dictatorship are taking the risk of being arrested to express the suffering of the Burmese people. If the views of pro-democracy activists are not the views of ordinary Burmese people, if they do not reflect reality, as the military government says, then why are the military so afraid of the people voicing their opinions?", Naing Aung continues.

In its propaganda the military regime repeats that if there were no sanctions, no opposition and no ill-intentioned external influence, than Burma would be on the track to development just like Vietnam and China.

In fact, the economic disaster in Burma is caused by the military dictatorship rather than external factors. Mismanagement of economy, unsound monetary policies, abuse of power, corruption at various levels and huge military expenditure has led to extreme poverty in Burma. Ordinary Burmese people are today among the poorest in the world. The economic impact of the international sanctions against the military rulers of Burma is negligible compared to economic collapse caused by state sponsored corruption and huge military spending.

“The regime recently said that Burma has a trade surplus. So, where did that money go? Where ling natural resource? The gas are sold to other countries while Burma is largely in black out. It is just one example to see the fact that the economic crises in Burma is internal, not caused by sanctions” says Naing Aung,

"The regime tries to hide the facts and don't take responsibility for its actions. People in all Burmese states and divisions are suffering from lack of food and healthcare while the top military leaders are getting richer. Due to the actions of the military government people in other Asian countries are today feeling pity for Burma. It is a betrayal of the Burmese people”, Naing Aung concludes.

Note: The FDB is organized by the senior leaders of the 1988 generation of Burma's democratic movement, composed of a collective of multiple organizations and individuals that have utilized a wide range of tactics for 19 years in the struggle for democracy. The FDB stands as an alternative task force for the achievement of democracy and national reconciliation in Burma.

- Asian Tribune -

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