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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 109

Tiger run risky campaigns against Sarkozy, French Presidential candidate

Paris, 04 May, ( In alliance with the left-wing trade unions running the May Day rally in Paris the Tigers attempted to play French politics. They were trying to pretend that they could swing the French presidential elections by running campaigns against the right-wing Presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy.

The second round of voting for the Presidential election is due to be held on the 06th of this month. In the second round of voting the Rightist Presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy from Union For Popular Movement will be challenged by the Left Wing candidate Ms. Segolene Royal from the Socialist Party.

Out of the 44 million voters eligible for voting in the final rounds, only a small percentage Sri Lankan Diaspora, less than 0.7 percent of Tamils have the voting rights, but Tigers wanted make a show as if all the Tamil diaspora in France voted for Ms. Segolene Royal. This was the ploy normally adopted by Tigers in many EU countries as well as in Canada. It is also learnt that Tigers have put out some pamphlets supporting the Socialist candidate.

Nicolas Sarkozy was the former Interior Minister. He was very adamant in curbing the illegal migration. Sarkozy promised to cut immigration flux and favour "chosen immigration" (i.e. "qualified immigration") Recently conducted surveys revealed that he had gained popularity because aggressive campaigns against the migrants. The Socialist candidate Ms. Segolene Royal is just the opposite. Royal declared herself in favour of granting residency papers (i.e. of regularization of the status of illegal aliens) if they have a work permit and reside in France for a sufficient time Her popularity is among the migrant communities in France.

When the TTN was operating they sponsored left-wing candidates in their programmes.

The Tamil community fear that the Tigers have put them in jeopardy if Nicolas Sarkozy wins in the Presidential elections. They expect Sarkozy to take stern action against them.

- ASian Tribune -

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