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Rovik urges LTTE victims to sue Oslo

By Janaka Perera

Colombo, 22 April, ( Falk Rovik founder of Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT) on Friday urged Sri Lankan victims of the LTTE to sue the Oslo Government. He cited the example of the Lockerbie air disaster victims who successfully sued the Libyan Government for having funded the group that blew up the airliner.

According to Mr. Rovik ample evidence was available for LTTE victims to bring a class action suit against Norway, which has provided funds to the Tigers knowing fully the numerous atrocities and terrorist acts they carried out against Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim civilians in Sri Lanka.

Rovik is a strong advocate of terrorism victims seeking compensation from countries supporting and funding terrorism. He maintains close links with the Australia-based organizations World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) and SPUR (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka).

Mr. Rovik was delivering the keynote address at a seminar on Norwegian Support for LTTE terrorism at the Mahaweli Centre auditorium, Colombo, yesterday. WAPS, Sansadaya and NAT organized the seminar. The auditorium was packed to capacity and late comers had to be accommodated on another floor of the building and provided with an audio visual facility to follow the proceedings. The audience included JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe and Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa.

The panelists were Dr. Susantha Goonatilake and S.L. Gunasekera. Moderator was Manohara de Silva.

Calling Erik Solheim the LTTE's `extended arm,' Rovik said that it was the Tigers who turned Solheim – `a political nobody' – into a `world renowned peace facilitator.' From day one of the Norwegian involvement he had never paid any attention to non-LTTE Tamils and others opposed to the Tigers.

At an informal gathering prior to the day before the seminar Rovik said that `peace making' had become an industry for Norway. Her reactions to yesterday's seminar clearly exposed contradictions within Oslo's ruling circles over NAT. They call it a mere one-man show but yet panicked over the meeting and tried its best to prevent. It had even allegedly circulated messages accusing Rovik of being a criminal and a mentally unsound person.

Responding to questions Rovik flatly denied that NAT is a one-man show and said that names of other members could not be revealed for security reasons.

Rovik has been in the forefront of exposing Norway's duplicity in indirectly sponsoring terrorism in Sri Lanka while pretending to douse the very flames she has helped to ignite. He stressed that if Oslo dared to take legal action against him he would produce in Norwegian Courts all evidence of how the government there bought equipment for the LTTE at the expense of the Norwegian taxpayer.

These included the gift of six tons of high powered dual use communications equipment to the LTTE in 2002 (that helped the Tamil Tiger Terrorists in their propaganda work, relaying messages globally, tracking Tamil dissidents opposed to the LTTE by listening in on telephone conversations and using assassins to kill them at the traced locations). Oslo's involvement in the deal was clear from the taped phone conversations of Ambassador Jon Westborg and LTTE leader Puleedevan.

Rovik has fully documented Norway's help in training the LTTE, supplying them with weapons and Norway's general backing for Tiger separatism in Sri Lanka. These include Oslo's help in forming the Sea Tigers and arranging for the LTTE a visit to Rena – the Norwegian Special Forces Training Camp. There, the visiting Tigers had access to vital information on weapons, tactics and military strategies.

According to Rovik, the list of Norwegian-funded local organizations and individuals include the so-called Peace Secretariat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the LTTE front -Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), the National Peace Council (NPC) and the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) a leading Opposition politician and two Sinhala journalists, one of them a known-UNP sympathizer. Rovik said that the idea of financially helping these journalists was to prevent them from criticizing Norway under any circumstance.

To prove these facts NAT has obtained the payment records from the Norwegian Foreign Affairs and the Oslo Municipality. Some dubious NGOs like TRO being state-registered bodies have helped Oslo to covertly back pro-Tiger operations.

A NAT report - The International Fight Against LTTE dated January 14, 2007 -also reveals huge discrepancies between funds transferred to Sri Lanka from the Bank of Norway and official financial transfers including Norwegian foreign aid to Sri Lanka.

Despite Oslo's attempts to belittle Rovik, a presentation by him at the Sri Lanka United National Association's Special General Meeting held at the North York Civic Centre Auditorium in Toronto was well received by the large gathering of over 300 participants including representatives from Mackenzie Institute, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), CSIS, Toronto Police, Sri Lanka's High Commissioner, Deputy High Commissioner, Consul General and other Sri Lankan community leaders, early, last month.

On October 21, 2004 , WAPS and SPUR jointly delivered a written request to the United Nations requesting the UN to end Norway 's involvement in the peace process here. The charge sheet urged the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee to investigate Norway's alleged violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1373. This resolution obligates member states to freeze the finances of any group deemed to be terrorists and not to contribute to such groups. The report cited Norway's monetary sponsorship of the LTTE.

Rovik however appealed to the audience not to equate the Norwegian people with the Oslo Government.

"Norwegians, if properly informed, are sympathetic people," he concluded.

Dr. Susantha Goonatilake spoke on "Norwegian Funded Agents in Sri Lanka."

S.L. Gunasekera drew attention to the Implications of Norwegian Interference for Sri Lankan Sovereignty.

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