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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 113

Latest stunts of the LTTE in Paris a death-knell

Paris, 11 April, ( Leading the Tamils to the killing field has been the practice of the LTTE for the last 30 years. After leading the Tamils to the killing fields usual LTTE uses its propaganda machineries to pin the blame on the Sri Lanka Government and other Tamil organizations. But still the Tamils and the international community have not fully well comprehended the modus operandi of the LTTE operatives.

On Monday a similar incident has taken place in Paris.

Tamil Tigers arranged to hold a protest rally to condemn the arrest and remand of 15 hardcore LTTE cadres in Paris. The protest rally was to be held at Parvis Des Droits Trocadero square on Monday from 2 pm to 5 pm. Initially police gave permission to hold the rally. Later French Police cancelled the permission it gave to hold the rally.

Furthermore police got the wind of LTTE organizers intentions that they were involved in forcing the Tamils in Paris and suburbs to participate in the cancelled protest rally. Therefore the police closed down the Mo:Trocadero metro to prevent people traveling by the metro to congregate at the Parvis Des Droits Trocadero square – the cancelled venue of the proposed rally.

Despite the Police ban on the protest rally for the arrest and confinement of the 15 LTTE operatives, the LTTE has mislead the Tamil diaspora by threat and intimidation had managed to bring about 400 to 500 people not to the earlier proposed meeting venue but to the Eiffel Tower park venue with the view to defy the French Government ban imposed on the protest rally.

A handful of hardcore LTTE operatives who are yet to be apprehended by the police have managed to organize their show of strength to the French Government and police by transporting Tamils forcefully from several parts of Paris.

LTTE operatives were sent to house to house in Paris 10, Paris 18, the area within the Paris municipality and to the suburban areas of Paris such as La Courneuve, Drancy, Bobigny, Sarcelles, Val de Marne, Val d'Oise and told them that they should participate in the rally.

They told that we are announcing in our medias that the rally has been cancelled by the police. Don’t believe them. It is only an eye wash. We wanted to show to the French Government and international community that Tigers are a force to reckon with. Therefore you all must come and congregate not to the earlier proposed venue, but at Eiffel Tower venue.

You all stay in some common places in your area and as usual we will send vans and pick you up and after our protest rally is over, as usual we will arrange to bring you back to the places where you all live.

As the people afraid to openly resist the order from the LTTE cadres as they were not prepared to challenge them. They complied.

As Monday was the day after Easter and it fell on a Sunday, Monday was a holiday and many people thought that going in the vans organized by the LTTE was a good pastime and they participated.

Almost all the shopkeepers had vans which can carry more than ten to 15 people at one time. On the orders of the LTTE, shopkeepers sent their vans to pick up the people to the Eiffel Tower venue.

As Eiffel Tower venue is a park and a tourist place, police did not stop those going to the Eifel Tower area.

As usual the hardcore LTTE cadres who remain outside managed to take the Tamil people around 400 to Eifel Tower area and photographed them for their false propaganda campaigns to show to outside world their show of strength.

Now it is learnt Tamil Tigers has purposely implicated the innocent Tamil diaspora majority of them are refugees, to challenge the French government unwittingly.

For the last 30 years LTTE was involved in false show of boldness and strength by implicating the innocent Tamils to be at the receiving end.

Though the LTTE propaganda machineries carried images of the so called protesters congregating at the tourist spot and disturbing the relative peace the tourists who congregated that venue, they have not achieved anything. Not a single either French or international medias according to available reports carried any news items showing the LTTE’s arranged people congregation at Eiffel Tower area.

By this protest rally, there was no change in the situation the LTTE remains a banned terrorist’s organization in France.

Those 15 hardcore LTTE cadres who were arrested on the April Fools day are still held in the remand prison and the French police continue, it is learnt for the search of the Tamil miscreants who are mainly involved in the act of challenging the French authority.

It is unfortunate still Tamils believe in the stunts of the LTTE cadres as heroic deeds.

- Asian Tribune -

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