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Falk Rovik, anti-terorist activist, ready to expose Norway's support for Tamil Tigers

Colombo, 11 April, ( Falk Rovik, a leading Norwegian anti-terrorist activist exposing Norway's role in supporting Tamil Tiger terrorism, will be the keynote speaker at a public seminar schduled to be held in Colombo on Apil 20, 2007. This seminar is organised by World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS), Sansadaya and Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT)

Rovik, who is the founder President of Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT), has been very critical of Norwegian government's role of providing facilities for the Tamil Tiger terrorists to launch anti-Sri Lankan government and anti-peace process programmes on Norwegian soil. He has questioned as to how Norway could act as a peace facilitator when it is backing Tamil Tigers in Norway, at peace negotiations and in Sri Lanka. He has also spoken against the Norwegian government's reluctance to take firm action against Tamil Tiger agents who threaten, attack and persecute rival Tamils living in Oslo.

Repeated requests forwaded to the Norwegian government to act against the Tiger thugs have fallen on deaf ears. A leading Tamil peace activist, Ketheesh Loganathan, and a Tamil MP from a rival Tamil party were butally attacked in Oslo by the Tiger agents. The Tigers hunted Ketheesh and finally shot him dead in Colombo.

Though the Norwegian peace facilitators and their peace monitors are quick to blame the Sri Lankan government for violence in Sri Lanka, Norway has been exposed as the key European stage for the Tiger agents to (1) persecute the Tamils who do not toe the LTTE line and (2) to collect funds., one of the key websites run with the emblem of the Royal Nowegian government, was branded as "the messenger of death" because it regulalry issued death warnings to anti-Tiger Tamils. The first warning to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lakshman Kadirgamar, was issued by this Norway-based Tamil website directed by Pottu Amman fromVanni. Shortly aferwards Kadigamar was targeted by a Tiger sniper in Colombo.

The Norwegian government has been reluctant to take action against the Tamil Tiger agents violating Norwegian and international laws. Rovik has exposed the impunity enjoyed by the Tamil Tiger operators in Norway. He has documented a raft of Norwegian policies and programmes ranging from providing Norwegian passports to agents of Tamil Tigers to operate in western countries to the funding of military training and hardware supplied to the Tamil Tiger cadres.

This is the first time that a leading Norwegian will be addressing Sri Lankans on the questionable role played by Norway. The Sri Lankan political scene is normally dominated by Norwegian sponsored NGO like the National Peace Council (NPC) headed by Jehan Perera who toes the Norwegian line. NPC is heavily dependent on Norwegian funds and when WAPS first held its seminar in Oslo he was quick to offer his comments to the Norwegian media saying that it was a gathering of "extremists". It was a seminar addressed by academic experts on Sri Lankan terrorism like Prof. Peter Chalk, leading journalists (example: Stewart Bell, from the Canadian National Post and Paul Harris from the Jane's Weekly) and also by a representative from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, Lisa Golden. Though Jehan Perera was eager to please his Norwegian masters, this NGO operator could not name "the extremists" when he was asked to justify his comment.

Rovik is from the independent organisation, Norwegain Against Terrorism. By and large, it is the pro-Tiger Norwegians who have been active in Sri Lanka. Norwegian NGOs like Red Barna was caught red-handed providing funds for Tiger organisations, Norwegian diplomats and peace monitors have been acused of playing a partisan role in the peace process led by Erik Solheim, the close buddy of the late Anton Balasingham. Solheim's close relationship with Balasingham went as far as as picking up the liquor bills left behind in hotels by Balasingham to openly take sides at the peace negotations.

From time to time Norwegian Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) also sponsored studies which resulted in papers drawing up programmes on how best Norway could infiltrate key areas like the community of Buddhist monks to push their political line -- all in the name of peace, of course.

Two leading Sri Lankan specialists on Norway's role in Sri Lanka will be panelists at this seminar.

Dr. Susantha Goonatilake, one of SriLanka's leading anthropoligsts, will deliver a paper – “Norwegian Funded Agents in Sri Lanka”. And S.L. Gunasekera, eminent lawyer who had participated in peace negotiations with the Tigers and author of several books on Tamil Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka will deliver his paper on “Implications of Norwegian Interference for Sri Lankan Sovereignty”

The seminar on “NORWEGIAN SUPPORT FOR LTTE TERRORISM” will be held at the Mahaweli Auditorium, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 7, on Friday, 20th April 2007 at 5.00 p.m.

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