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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 111

On the Road for the People

On the Road for the People

President Kim Il Sung and the leader Kim Jong Il, who set forth the idea of The people are my God as their lifelong motto, gave on-the-spot guidance times without number together on the same train for the people. Countless are the places the two great men visited from remote mountainous villages to secluded ports and small islets.Kim Jong IlKim Jong Il

On the road to field guidance they regarded the problem of people's livelihood as the first place, fixed the sites of factories and illumined the orientation of the construction of cultural and service amenities and dwelling houses.

In August Juche 55 (1966) they provided on-the-spot guidance to the Pidan Island situated in North Phyongan Province in the northwest part of the country to solve the people's clothing problem.

That day officials tried to persuade them to stop visiting the island, saying that it was difficult to embark on it because of rain, but they got aboard a ship remarking that they should go to the island since they were resolved to do so for the people even though they got wet in the rain.

On disembarking at a small rainy island wharf, they slopped along the muddy road indiscernible because of its deformation by rain and high tides to make a detailed study of the island and held a consultation meeting of the officials concerned, where they clarified the orientation and ways for turning the island into a production base of reed, raw material for chemical fibre.

Thanks to the road of devotion innumerable factories, enterprises, cultural amenities, schools, hospitals and dwelling houses have been erected for the people in every part of the country.

Magnificent Munsu Street, Changgwang Street, Kwangbok Street, Ice Rink, Changgwang Health Complex, Mansudae Art Theatre, East Pyongyang Grand Theatre, Pyongyang Circus, Mangyongdae School children's Palace, Mangyongdae Fun Fair and Taedonggang Pleasure Park in Pyongyang are associated with the dedication of the two great men who fixed their sites and saw their blueprints to provide the Pyongyang citizens with modern living conditions.

On their tour to field guidance the President and the leader visited factories and farm villages, sat with workers and farmers unceremoniously, acquainted themselves with their life conditions with paternal love and discussed state affairs with them.

Once they felt so happy at the fact that an ordinary farm woman official was elected deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly that they came out to the polling station to vote for her.

One day in May Juche 55 (1966) when they were giving on-the-spot guidance at the Hwanghae Iron Works (today's Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex) they called at the workers hostel and dwelling houses first, inquired into their life in detail and took measures to make them feel convenient in life.

They put up the children as kings of the country and bestowed warm love and benefits on them.

One day in April Juche 73 (1984) they looked at the samples of new clothes to be granted to the children and students of the whole country as gifts. At the time the President warmly remarked that people in certain countries were said to have been asking us if it was not a loss that we provided the children with clothes free of charge, and that there was no greater joy and satisfaction for us than to suffer more and more loss for the sake of the rising generation.

The Korean people form a harmonious grand family as they hold in high esteem President Kim Il Sung and the leader Kim Jong Il who have meticulously looked after the entire people of the country in their embrace of love with benevolent politics.

The leader who has paved the road of field guidance together with the President on the same train for the people continues his way of love for and devotion to the people.

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