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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 110

Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies, says halt the Violence and Return to Negotiations

Sunil C. Perera, Reporting from Colombo

Colombo, 07 April, ( Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies [CHA] says the conflict is causing wanton destruction and its impact is becoming a pervasive phenomenon which cannot be ignored.

The cost makes it obligatory for both the Sri Lankan Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to return to the path of negotiations and bring an end to the human rights violations that stem from the current situation.

Tragically, symptomatically, Batticaloa has become a temporary home to 159,355 IDPs. Artillery duels in the region continue to inflict terrible destruction, kill and injure innocent civilians and disrupt their daily lives. Furthermore we see an increase in number of child abductions in the East, a spokesman of the CHA said.

The fourth session of the United Nations Human Rights Council which brought together various UN and independent experts, member states and NGOs, drew attention to the mass violations of human rights that are prevailing in Sri Lanka. Impunity given for human rights violators, escalating rates of disappearances and IDPs escaping warfare, came under particular scrutiny by the Council.

The special representative to the UN Secretary General on IDPs, Walter Kalin, described the situation of displaced persons in the eastern Sri Lanka as "urgent", especially given that humanitarian rations are stretched and because of reports of armed groups putting IDPs at risk. He urged all parties to the conflict to protect the rights of the displaced by respecting International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law while entrusting the Government and the humanitarian community to adopt durable solutions and peace building as measures to end displacement in Sri Lanka.

We urgently need to negotiate an end to violence and restore the Ceasefire. A durable peace is our call to the stakeholders, he said.

- Asian Tribune -

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