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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 101

More raids on Tiger premises by French Police

Paris, 03 April, ( The seventeen Tamil Tiger cadres arrested in Paris on the April Fools day are expected to be produced today in a Paris court.French LTTE leaders (1) Parithy alias Regan (2) Sinna Jeyam  (3) Metha French LTTE leaders (1) Parithy alias Regan (2) Sinna Jeyam (3) Metha

Those 17 Tigers arrested in theTamil Coordination Committee office, Tamil Rehabitation Organization office, Maariamman Hindu Temple, People shop run by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and a few were arrested in the suburban areas of Paris are stil kept under police custody.

“Asian Tribune” learnt that Parithy alias Regan, head of the LTTE in France – a French Passport holder, Metha - military head who is holding a Sri Lanka passport with Italian residence visa, Sinnah Jeyam - the man in charge of LTTE’s finance, Ventah in charge of sports activities, Mohan in charge of trade and the brother of late Kajan, Ravi Kulam who sign the lease document of the TRO Office building in Paris and others are under investigation by the agent of the anti-terrorism unit – SDAT (Sous-direction Antiterroriste) of the French Interior Ministry.

“Asian Tribune” reliably learnt that majority of those arrested members of the LTTE are holders of Sri Lanka passports.

Sources revealed to “Asian Tribune” that even yesterday SDAT Agents raided a dozen of apartments and houses belonging to the LTTE money collecting agents, but no one was arrested.. But it is learnt that they video graphed the houses and the inmate in those premises.

In the meantime, many traders, businessmen and shopkeepers were interviewed by many French TV news channels and almost all of them have accepted that they have helped a banned terrorist organization, LTTE by giving them money voluntarily. A few French news commentators have noted that the voluntarily money contributions to terrorists’ organization, as a serious seditious crime committed against France and also as an act of aiding and abetting terrorists activities in French soil .

Magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguière who investigates against the LTTE terrorists activities in France was recently in Sri Lanka and met Sri Lanka’s political leaders and heads intelligence agencies.

Sources revealed to “Asian Tribune” that Magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguière ordered the SDAT agents to launch the crack down on the LTTE’s terrorists’ activities.

Legal sources told “Asian Tribune” if in case France Government decided to file actions against all those who are arrested, each of them may receive a minimum 15 years rigorous imprisonment.

There were allegations that Tigers in France were involved in the murder of Sabalingham, an EPRLF member and one of the founder members of the students organization in Jaffna in the 70s along witth Saththyaseelan and others.

Also it was suspected that LTTE was involved in the killing of Kandiah Perinpanathan formerly the LTTE’s tereasurer and Kajan of the Eelamurasu. It was suspected that these two were killed in Paris because of difference of opinion within the outfit.

Sources revealed that LTTE also arrested and assaulted Asok of PLOTE
(Yogan Kannan Amuthu) and Late Kalaichelvan of TELO who was the strongest criric of the LTTE.

- Asian Tribune -

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