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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 110

LTTE establishments in Paris raided: 17 LTTE members including Parithy - Head of LTTE in France, arrested

Paris, 02 April, ( Latest news on the situation in Paris reveals that 17 members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam involved in the compulsory collections of funds from the Tamil diaspora in France were arrested yesterday by the French police and taken into custody for further investigation.

Those LTTE cadres were arrested on the allegations that they were collecting funds by compelling the Tamil diaspora living in Paris and outside Paris.

Police made the arrests under the direction of anti-terrorist judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere, the sources said.

Anti-terrorism unit (Sous-direction Antiterroriste - SDAT), of the French interior ministry was involved in this arrest and investigation of unlawful activities of LTTE which is one of the proscribed terrorists organization in France.

Police raided various LTTE establishments yesterday closing them down until the investigation were over. No one was allowed to enter or leave until the investigations were over.

Police investigations revealed that in the year 2006, Tigers in France have collected in the form of compulsory taxations on the earning of the Tamil diaspora more than Euro 6 million and furthermore the entire collected monies were used for terrorists activities.

Initially, Police who raided the Tamil Coordinating Centre in other word used for the LTTE office (20e arrondissement de Paris au "Comité de coordination tamoule France", located at, situé 341 rue des Pyrénées) arrested many membres of the LTTE, including Parithy head of the LTTE in France, and confiscated several thousands of Euros. It is learnt after the completion of the raid the closed office were allowed to function until such time a permanent order for the closing down of the LTTE offices are obtained from a competent French court according to the law of the land.

According to the investigation it was revealed that the LTTE has compelled and received from the ordinary Tamils Euros 2000 each and from traders and businessmen nearly Euros 6,000 per person. It was further reported that those who refuse to pay money to the Tigers were arrested and held in custody in the Tiger offices and monies were received under duress and threat threat.

It was further learnt, according to the police investigations that those LTTE members involved in tax collections were paid a 20 percent commission on the total amount collected by one individual member.

Yesterday, initially 39 LTTE members were arrested from Seine-et-Marne, en Seine-Saint-Denis, dans les Yvelines, le Val-de-Marne et le Val-d'Oise in Paris and also a few from the suburbain areas.

The committee set up in July 2006 was responsable for yesterday’s sudden raid in the LTTE office, TRO office, TTN television station, People shop, and Mariamman Temple located in Paris.

Judges Jean-Louis Bruguière, Thierry Fragnoli, Marc Trevidic and Philippe Coirre are appointed to investigate into the activities of the LTTE. The Tamil Tigers were banned in the European Union countries in cluding France in May last year.

The anti- terrorists unit (SDAT) which raided those LTTE establishments in Paris, confiscated moneies, computers, files and documents found in those LTTE establishments.

According to sources, SDAT will shortly seek judicial permission for the permanent closure of all those offices and TNT Television.

- Asian Tribune -

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