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Tiger air force will not attack India -- Tamilselvan

In an e-mail interview with Janasakthi, the official daily of the Tamil Nadu branch of the Indian Communist Party, S. Tamilselvan, Head of the Political division of the Tamil Tigers, said that the Tigers air force will only attack the Sri Lankan security forces and not to India, or to any other country. S.P. Tamilselvan: "As we are compelled to retaliate to retrieve our lands under occupation, our armed forces has gradually grown and today it has reflected the latest growth of our air force."S.P. Tamilselvan: "As we are compelled to retaliate to retrieve our lands under occupation, our armed forces has gradually grown and today it has reflected the latest growth of our air force."

Given below the excerpts of the interview “Janasakthi” conducted through e-mail.

Question: Liberation Tigers for the first time had undertaken an aerial attack and retaliated to the Sri Lanka forces. What is the positive and negative outcome to Tamils Eelam from this?

S.P.Tamilselvan: As the severity of aggression and the ethnic cleansing activities by the Sri Lanka Government and the Sinhala chauvinists continues to exacerbate, Tamil Eelam arms campaign gradually began to intensify. This campaign of ours has gradually grown from strength to strength to run today a de-facto state. To enable us to have under our control a large swathe of land area, we have put in place our traditional army build ups to protect our people and grown to such proportion to retrieve our areas.

As we are compelled to retaliate to retrieve our lands under occupation, our armed forces has gradually grown and today it has reflected the latest growth of our air force. Our Air force so far exercised restrain. In a situation where the Sri Lanka Air Force continues drop bombs, it has become necessary for us to attack and make it inactive. That is why we made use of our Air Force for this attack. As far as I am concern, I consider this as another milestone in our liberation struggle. As far as the Eelam Tamils are concerned, it has increased their valor. I expect this as another iencoraging factor for our liberation struggle.

Question: Do you think that this is the opportune time for an air attack?

S.P.Tamilselvan: In recent times the Sri Lanka Air Force has continuef to drop bombs, killing hundreds of our people. If we continue to remain inactive, I feel that would lead our people towards annihilation. To stop this growing menace and to neutralise the Sri Lanka’s communal air force activities, we will adopt all possible tactics. I feel that this tactics would lead our liberation struggle victoriously.

Question: “There are Czech planes in the Tigers Air Force;” “There is no chance of having more than five air planes, and this cannot be claimed as an air force", are some of the remarks of the Sri Lanka Government. What is your response to these views of the Sri Lanka Government?

S.P.Tamilselvan: The views expressed by the Sri Lanka Governments amounts to an old Tamil adage, “Even though they have hit the ground, there is no sand in the mustache.” It has been the normal pattern of the Sri Lanka Government to express something that is always impractical. The destruction caused by our attack wold cause them to accept the reality. We wanted to respond to these remarks with our actions.

Question: It seems that the Sri Lankan Air force is in an aggressive mood against this air plane attack. It is feared that this may be diverted against the civilians. In this situation will this attack helps to safeguard the Sinhlaese civilians.

S.P.Tamilselvan: It has become the usual practice of the Sinhalese Air Force to attack the civilian targets in our soil and kill them. Now the Air Force belonging to Tamils have surfaced and has victoriously gone and attacked the bases located in their high security zone and returned back to the base. I think this attack would have delivered a clear message to the people in the Sinhala land and to their leaders. Our target is not the ordinary civilians. Our target would be the bases of the Sri Lanka Army and the Sri Lanka chauvinists’ operation centers. We are not ever going to target the ordinary Sinhala civilians.

Question: Views are being expressed that because of your air force there emerges the chances of threat to India’s security. Also fears are expressed that there may be threat to South India. What is you comment on this?

S.P.Tamilselvan: This assumption is entirely a wrong. Our forces are structured with the view to free and safeguard our people and areas of our homeland. Therefore our forces would function against the Sri Lankan forces that are inimical and were involved in the ethnic cleansing, Our Air force would not at any circumstances pose a threat to India or any other countries. To elaborate our position, it must be remembered that the freedom of the Tamils and their liberation would in a very big way be in the good interest of India and would foster good will and good relationship. At any time neither the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam would nor would our liberation struggle ever work against India or its people. There is no need to be alarmed over the expansion of our armed structure. I feel that if our armed structure expand and if we could liberate our homeland, then that would bring about peace and tranquility in the Indian Ocean region.

Question: Sri Lankan Navy is continuously attacking the Tamil Nadu fishermen. But they put that blame that it was Tigers who attacks them. Sri Lanka Government has put forward a suggestion of joint patrolling to prevent these types of attacks. Will that be successful?

S.P. Tamilselvan: The Tamil Nadu people, and the Eelam Tamils have lived with a relationship as close as an umbilical cord .

It is always the Sri Lanka Navy that shoots and kill our kith and kin from Tamil Nadu and accuses us of various crimes with the view to break the bond that existed from the time immemorial. The aim of the Sri Lnkan Navy is to cut this umbilical cord.

Our kith and kin in Tamil Nadu are well aware of this treacherous plot. So far Eelam Tamils have faced the atrocities of the Sri Lanka’s armed forces. Now they are turning their guns towards the people of Tamil Nadu. No one is going to believe this vicious propaganda. Sri Lanka Government is weaving web in the form of joint patrol with India. They are trying to create tension and friction between us and the Indian armed forces. They hope to benefit with this plot.

We feel with confidence that Indian Government will not fall headlong into this plot of the Sri Lanka Government. In the interest of the Tamil people we feel even the leaders as well as the people of Tamil Nadu will not tolerate the vicious scheme of Sri Lanka Government.

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